How to Go From Casual Gamer to Professional Player

Crafting a career out of playing video games sounds like a fun, but be careful to treat it with the commitment it deserves

Playing video games is an adored pastime for many, but for some of us, the thought of turning our favorite hobby into a career is even more appealing. While just a decade ago it was pretty ‘pie in the sky’ idea, nowadays with the rise of YouTube and Twitch making it possible for gamers to see that cash roll in, it is not so far-fetched.

If you happen to be blessed with nerves of steel and a mind for mathematics then other online gaming pursuits such as poker, or blackjack, could also see you turning your dreams into a profession. Read on to find out tips on how to achieve those goals.

Invest in a Comfortable Gaming Setup

Slouching during your downtime isn’t ideal, but slouching for eight hours a day can spell disaster for your spine

While slouching on the sofa and playing a few rounds of your favorite video game is fine, if you’re going to view that as a profession, you’ll need to be slouching a whole lot more often. Let’s imagine you spend eight hours on a video game, five days per week – it’s going to play havoc with your back. Treat your new job seriously, and buy yourself a comfortable, supportive chair to play in and your back will thank you for it.

Similarly, it’s important to remember that while you’re playing, you’re at work, so try to stick to a sensible schedule. 9 ‘til 5 works for some people, while for others, splitting the day up with a couple of hours for a little exercise and a healthy lunch works better.

Find out the schedule that works for you and adhere to it. Although online gaming for a living sounds like an excuse to extend your play-time, it’s far more likely to pay dividends if you use some self-control.

Give Yourself a Head Start With Bonuses And Free Offers

Although many people will tell you that there are no shortcuts in life, with online gaming that simply isn’t true. If you choose a casino-based game as the platform for your new career then there’s a straightforward way to give yourself a little head start.

A no-brainer way of getting ahead in the game is by looking out for the best deals wherever possible. There are always online poker sites offering new sign up deals, so seek them out wherever possible to get a bit of practice before competing against experienced players.

You could get free coins, improved odds for new accounts, or free access to an online tournament. Whatever the offer, it’s worth casting your net far and wide, so you can play for free for longer and maybe get a chance of winning something without having to use up too much of your own money.

Take Part in Some Shameless Self Promotion

If you’re going down the eSports gaming route, then there are a couple of platforms out there that could boost your bottom line. YouTube is the giant and many people watch gamers through their dedicated channels. However, Twitch is much more specialized and the major pro-gamers swear by the platform as a way to guarantee a more stable income.

Sign yourself up to both and make sure you’re live streaming and posting regularly. Engage with fans in meaningful ways and listen to the advice that they give you. Share each of your platforms throughout your other social media channels and soon you’ll see your following growing. Although this part isn’t everybody’s favorite, dedicate some time each day to growing your online presence. In a career like this, you have to be your own publicist.


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