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AMD Publishes Official Ryzen 5000 Price in Malaysia

AMD has published official pricing for the Ryzen 5000 CPUs in neighboring Malaysia which should give us a preview of actual prices compared also with the recent leak of prices we got last week.

With launch just a few days ahead, AMD prices are still yet to be announced for the new Ryzen 5000 series of processors built on AMD’s newest Zen3 architecture. Still on 7nm, Zen 3 is targeting single threaded performance uplift to finally take away the market performance advantage that Intel flaunts particularly their single threaded performance.

In a Facebook by our Malaysian colleagues Tech Critter, they have published the official MSRP as provided by AMD Malaysia. AMD Philippines should follow soon but let’s make some forecasts.

Given AMD’s current price increase and the Philippines 12% tax, I am assuming possible prices to fall in the range below:

5950X 5900X 5800X 5600X Tax
Malaysia (RM) 3699 2499 2049 1349 Included
PHP Conversion with 12% TAX 43019.37 29063.37 23829.87 15688.87 12% TAX INC

These prices look just about right given the initial leak we had with a local dealer who published the prices earlier last week. Sadly the listing also noted that these CPUs are only available as a bundle with a B550 or X570 motherboard. Given that potential early adopters already have motherboards, this defeats the purpose of AMD’s forward compatibility.

5950X 5900X 5800X 5600X Tax
Malasysia (RM) 3699 2499 2049 1349 Included
PHP Conversion 43019.37 29063.37 23829.87 15688.87 Included
ASSUMED PHP MSRP 49470 33200 29900 18500 12%
PC Configure leaked prices 44000 32000 26500 17500 Included

AMD launches their Ryzen 5000 CPUs on November 5. Philippine availability is not yet confirmed on launch date.

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