AMD Reducing Starting SKU for Zen3-based Threadripper to 16-Core Model vs 24-Core

CES week is upon and AMD President Lisa Su is set to take the CES stage once again for a keynote. Its expected that she will announce the Zen3-based Threadripper during CES. The HEDT segment has been a huge success for AMD thanks to their highly value-based Threadripper line-up. With Zen3 offering excellent performance leads in current Ryzen 5000 MSDT CPUs, its highly expected that Zen3 Threadripper will offer the ultimate Ryzen Threadripper to date.

Reports from Yuri “1usmus” Bubliy suggests that AMD will be going from their recent 24-core starting SKU to 16-core again. The current-gen Threadripper 3000 series are available from 24-core to 64-core with the current Ryzen 5000 available up to 16-core so its going to be interesting what AMD is deciding to do when the Threadripper 5000 goes head to head with the Ryzen 9 5950X in some tasks. The main different maker here of course is CPU price and platform cost. Currently, AMD uses the TRX40 for their Threadripper CPUs, which features a socket change from the earlier X399-based motherboards. It is unknown if AMD will require a new motherboard for the upcoming Zen 3 Threadripper.


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