How To Improve Boot Speed on a Laptop

People all over the world purchase varieties of branded laptops to quickly complete their day-today official using these devices. Users can download their favorite games, visit various websites, engage seriously in socializing, send emails to others, and engage in all other critical computer-related activities only when their laptops boot instantly.

Even students who are preparing for their final exams may get demoralized when laptops boot slowly or fail to boot even after hours. So, what types of spontaneous actions that you should promptly take to improve the booting speeds of the laptop are what is dealt with in detail in this particular guide.

Check the BIOS


The first move that you should make when the booting time is slow is to check the BIOS and confirm whether the system performs various basic tests before booting. BIOS is nothing but the abbreviation of the Basic Input Output System.

Just by turning on the quick boot mode, you can put a halt to this delicate problem. Once you switch on quick boot mode the system will boot without performing basic memory and other series of tests.

Fast start-up option

If you are unable to get that desired result, the next move that you should take is to open the control panel and click Hardware and sound option and under it, you will find power options. Click the power options and in that category, you will find choose what the power buttons do from the left panel.

On the hardware level, you need to have a better configuration like the i3 processor and fast SSD drives. You don’t even need to spend a huge amount as this laptop post reports HP launched i3 SSD laptops under Rs. 30000 or $400.

Then click change settings that are currently unavailable under the top of the window and make sure to activate the turn on fast start-up.

Remove malware and spyware from the laptop

If your laptop is preloaded with lots of anti-virus software the system may face problems during booting. You have to patiently wait for several minutes which is nothing but a waste of time.

If you see tons of apps and anti-virus software inside the laptop, then you should remove all these software and apps from the system and reboot it.

Delete temporary files from the system

Computer users more particularly laptop users should take efforts to remove temporary files at regular intervals. If temporary files pile-up inside the system there will be a delay in booting.

Simple steps for removing these temp files are nothing but you should open run command and type %temp% inside it. When you finish typing, the temp file dialog box will open instantly. There you will find tons of temporary files in it which you should remove immediately.

Disabling rarely used or unused hardware from the system

Your system will not boot quickly when your laptop has tons of drivers that are not in use or rarely used. You have to quickly open the device manager and disable all the drivers that are not in use or rarely used. If you follow this step, you will be able to boot your laptops quickly.

Upgrading the storage and operating system

Your laptop will not boot quickly when the operating system and RAM that you are using is of older versions like Windows 7 or 8. You should download Windows 10 operating systems from the official website and install it and also upgrade your RAM immediately. Once you complete these steps, your laptop will boot immediately.

Start using static IP address

This simple trick of setting a static IP address for your router may work instantly. Millions of people tried this simple step and improved their laptop boot time immediately. You will find tutorial videos and blogs on assigning a static IP address to windows 8 and 10. Follow those steps and assign a static IP to see positive results.

Freeing disk space may result in instant boot-up

If you have stored thousands of files, games, videos, and movies inside the folders the system may take a few minutes to boot. You have to delete a maximum number of files and videos that are not using immediately and boot your laptop again after switching it off for a few minutes.

Remove unused fonts

You can find hundreds of fonts inside the font setting folder. You should remove all those unused fonts that are lying in font settings from the laptop and restart your computer. You can see a positive result when you follow this step.


Computer and laptop users always have the habit of running to the nearest service providers when there is a delay in booting. Keep this procedure as the last resort and try all the steps that are listed above when there is a big issue in booting speed.

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