How to Move Steam Games to a Different Drive

Games nowadays are really very advanced and real-world like. But these eye-pleasing and awesome gaming experiences are due to the heavy files that the game includes. Talking about the Steam then it is one of the most popular hubs of online gaming platforms.

Some steam games are really very heavy and large in size. And hence these games and large files should be places separated and well-organized as they are really very important for the game you play. I wouldn’t recommend you to place your games and OS on the same drive. Because it will not just acquire your OS’s space but will also make clutter in the disk drive.

And if you are in such a scenario or planning to move your Steam games to a separate destination then here I am going to show the same. This article is about the step by step guide on How to Move Steam Games to a Different Drive. I am gonna share two different methods with little to no manual work.


How to Move Steam Games to a Different Drive

The two methods that I am going to show you are the best in my opinion and will work flawlessly with no huge skills required. The first method that is via the ToDo PCTrans tool from EaseUS and the other one is via the Steam Mover.

Let’s discuss both of these in detail.

#1 EaseUS ToDo PCTrans

EaseUS is one of the leading companies for PC solutions. The company has tons of utility software for different scenarios. Its PCTransfer series’ ToDoTrans is one such utility software. You can use this windows migration assistant software for moving your PC games from one destination to the other.

Here is how you can ToDoTrans for this.

Step 1: Prepare the Destination Drive

Connect the destination drive to your PC where you want to move your Games. Then Launch ToDoTrans and Click on App Migration.

Step 2: Select The Games and Migration Path

After reaching the App Migration section check on the Games that you want to move to the new location. And then in the Migrate To section, select the destination or new drive where you want to move the games.

Step 3: Start the Transfer Process

After completing steps 1 and 2, the only thing left is to click on the Transfer Button. And that’s it your selected apps and games will start migrating to the newly selected destination.

#2 Using Steam Mover

There is one more way to transfer your steam games specifically to a different location. This can be done via the Steam App on your PC. Steam provides the facility to create a new library on a new storage location to store or move your games. Here is how you can do this.

Step 1: Create a new Library

Open Steam and go to Settings > Downloads > Steam Library Folders > Add Library Folder. Then choose a new Drive Location and Name the Folder. Click OK after doing this.

Step 2: Select The Game

Now go to the LIBRARY section where all your games are listed. Right-Click on the Game you want to move and click on properties.

Step 3: Move the Game to new Drive

Now switch to the Local Files tab and click on the Move Install Folder option. Now Select the new Library Folder that you created earlier and click on the Move Folder option.

The selected game will start moving to the new location. The moving time will depend on the size of the game. The process requires more manual work and you’ll have to repeat steps 2 and 3 again and again for every single game.


Don’t get scared of huge game files and data loss scenarios as the methods provided in this article are fully reliable and easy to use. The use of EaseUS ToDo PCTrans is what I’ll personally recommend as there is not so much to configure and it makes the process of transferring the Steam Games from one destination to the other very easy. But in case if you don’t have any problem with some extra manual work or you don’t have that huge library of games in your Steam then you can also go with the second method.

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