ASUS Releasing TUF GAMING Capture Card

ASUS will be joining the fight between Elgato, Avermedia and a bunch of Chinese capture card brands with their own TUF GAMING-branded capture card. The sadly named TUF GAMING CUK430 was previewed in ASUS USA’s product streams. It was mentioned to be available Q1 and Q2.

Designed for 4K30 capture, the card will compete with the Elgato 4K60 II and the Avermedia GC573 Live Gamer 4K in the mainstream 4K capture market but being a 4K30 capture card, its direct rival is the BlackMagic Design Intensity Pro 4K. The Intensity Pro 4K from BlackMagic Design is around $229 or Php12,000 and feature 4K30 capture support as well as passthrough.


The big difference is that competing cards are all PCIe devices. The TUF GAMING CUK430 from ASUS is a USB3.0 card. It will support majority if not all HDMI input devices including the latest consoles like the PS5 and Xbox X | S. The TUF GAMING CUK430 will support maximum 4K30 capture from input devices but is expected to 1440p and 1080p as well. It will also work with most cameras with HDMI outputs.

The passthrough for the card will support 1080p240 giving it some creds for low-latency passthrough.

I have personally held the card and it does feature a metal body to help dissipate heat as 4K capture cards tend to generate heat. The card will also have RGB lighting for whatever reason. ASUS local reps advise pricing is expected be lower than the Elgato and Avermedia 4K cards and will probably closely compete with the BMD more. Local ASUS reps supports ASUS USA’s uncertain release schedule for the product.

I still don’t agree with the name CUK430.

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