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COMPUTEX 2021 Cancelled

For the second year in a row, COMPUTEX is again cancelled, as expected.

TAITRA has just announced that COMPUTEX 2021 will be cancelled again this year. With COVID19 is still a concern and travel still poses health risks, the even will be cancelled for a second consecutive year.

In a short statement, TAITRA posted in its website that it is out of their control and have thus decided to cancel the exhibit for 2021. Unlike last year, the organizers did not resist much with no rescheduling or delay in cancellation.

COMPUTEX is the largest computer expo in Asia and serves as a midyear event for many companies to hold their product launches. As the website now lists itself as virtual, it is expected that companies can participate in COMPUTEX’s event card for this year but many brands may choose to go their own route and make their online event schedules.

The official announcement is below:

With another wave of coronavirus pandemic across the world, it doesn’t look like we are close to the end. The majority of the show’s stakeholders, including international exhibitors, visitors, and media, cannot join the show due to border control. Therefore, the organizers of COMPUTEX have decided to cancel the onsite exhibition this year. –
TAITRA, organizer of COMPUTEX


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