Prices for Custom RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Listed

Popular camera megastore B&H has listed AIC RTX 3080 graphics card prices from brands such as ASUS, ZOTAC, GIGABYTE and MSI.

During their RTX 30 series announcement, NVIDIA revealed the Founders Edition pricing for the GeForce RTX 3080 which will sell at $699, available through the NVIDIA store. Sadly, the NVIDIA store is also restricted to regional availability.

For day 1 buyers, the US seem the be destination and outlets like Newegg, Amazon and B&H are prime sources for those that just want to import to avoid the typically higher cost of local Philippine pricing.

Again, B&H has already listed some models and they are listed below: has also listed prices and converted prices were already covered, proving a little bit past B&H pricing but makes for a good reference.

Filipinos who have the habit of basing prices on US listings may find conversion rates below FOR REFERENCE:

Model Price PHP Conversion
 ZOTAC GAMING RTX 3080 Trinity  $719.99 ₱34,955.51
 MSI RTX 3080 Ventus 3X 10G OC $878.80 ₱42,665.74
 ASUS TUF GAMING RTX 3080 010G $749.99 ₱36,412.01
 ASUS TUF GAMING RTX 3080 10G $779.99 ₱37,868.51
 MSI RTX 3080 GAMING X Trio 10G $904.80 ₱43,928.04
 GIGABYTE RTX 3080 GAMING OC 10G $749.99 ₱36,412.01
 GIGABYTE RTX 3080 EAGLE OC 10G $729.99 ₱35,441.01
FOREX: 1USD = 48.55PHP (9/11/2020-9:18PM UTC) $1.00 ₱48.55

To help dealers clear out their current RTX 20 series inventory, vendors are supporting discounts with ZOTAC and ASUS already going ahead with both companies going as high as >50% off their RTX 2080 Super retail price.

Updated: RTX 3090

B&H has also listed their RTX 3090 card pricing. The RTX 3090 will be available on September 24th.

B&H RTX 3090 AIC Price Listing 
Model Price PHP Direct Conversion Adjusted NVIDIA PH Markup
 ZOTAC GAMING RTX 3090 Trinity  $1,499.99 ₱72,824.51 ₱87,389.42
 MSI RTX 3090 Ventus 3X 24G OC $1,901.90 ₱92,337.25 ₱110,804.69
 MSI RTX 3090 GAMING X Trio 24G $1,842.10 ₱89,433.96 ₱107,320.75
 GIGABYTE RTX 3090 GAMING OC 24G $1,549.99 ₱75,252.01 ₱90,302.42
 GIGABYTE RTX 3090 EAGLE OC 24G $1,579.99 ₱76,708.51 ₱92,050.22
FOREX: 1USD = 48.55PHP (9/11/2020-9:18PM UTC) $1.00 ₱48.55 20%

The analysis here is that US pricing for reference PCB RTX 3090 designs seems a lot closer to the Founders Edition but custom PCBs for the RTX 3090 will see higher prices, with MSI already breaching $1900.

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