ZOTAC Product Showcase at Computex 2015

We visited our friends at Zotac over at their booth in Computex 2015 to check out what the company has in store for us in the coming weeks and we know ZOTAC has something in store for both TITAN X and 980 Ti cards but what really surprised is that there wasn’t just one card coming up but a total of 4 new models hitting shelves soon. Most of these new cards are custom-cooled GTX 980 Ti featuring the all new cooler design from ZOTAC. The highlight of the GPU display is the new ArcticStorm cooler featuring a hybrid cooling solution.

Going over more details about the new stuff, we have the ZOTAC GTX TITAN X and 980 Ti Arctic Storm. Both cards technically use the same PCB layout so it was easy for ZOTAC to outfit both cards with the same cooler; the Arctic Storm hybrid cooler.  The Arctic Storm cooler seems to arrive with pre-installed barb fittings that support 3/8″ tubing. The TITAN X Arctic Storm will arrived factory overclocked 1026mhz base clock and 1114Mhz boost clock. The 12GB video memory stays at 7010Mhz. For the GTX 980 Ti Arctic Storm, we’re looking at a factory OC of 1025Mhz base and 1114Mhz boost clock with memory again in stock at 7010Mhz. These are very conservative frequencies for such a high-end cooling solution but given our experience with both the Titan X and GTX 980 Ti and their clock frequency behavior, we can expect the card to hover past these numbers given the right conditions especially for those watercooling.


ZOTAC also offers a new lineup of AMP! edition cards for the GTX 980 Ti giving us a total of three SKUs for the AMP! Edition series with the new OMEGA and EXTREME joining the AMP! Edition lineup for ZOTAC’s 980 Ti offering.All three editions will feature triple fan cooling  and will all come factory overclocked.

The GTX 980 Ti AMP! Edition will ship with a 1051Mhz base clock and has a boost clock of 1140Mhz. The ZOTAC GTX 980 Ti AMP! OMEGA Edition is where things get really intense with an expected (source tells us this is not yet final) 1253Mhz base clock (TBC) and boost clock of 1355Mhz (TBC). Memory also gets a bump to 7210Mhz. The highest-end in this lineup is the GTX 980 Ti AMP! EXTREME Edition with a really beefy 2.5x slot cooler size. No frequencies have yet to be confirmed for this variant as of this writing. ZOTAC uses a new Carbon ExoArmor in their IceStorm cooler and the AMP! Omega Edition features EKO fans and LED illumination in its shroud.

Moving over to ZOTAC’s mini PC section we were shown a couple of units showcasing the compact yet powerful performance of the ZOTAC ZBOX products. On display were PROJECT: CARS and Mortal Kombat X playing off the small ZBOX EN970 and EN960.  Also on display were ZOTAC’s other mini PC solutions for business and HTPC applications showcasing the company’s multi-tier solution for different scenarios.

We look forward to checking out more products from ZOTAC in the future and these new line up of cards are really something to look out for.

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