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A Beginners Guide on How to Play Poker Online

In this article, you will learn the basics of how to play poker.

A Beginners Guide on How to Play Poker Online -

For some, watching a game of poker might feel a little overwhelming. With the game moving so fast, strange terminology being used amongst the players and the dealers, money constantly being won and lost, it might be a bit off-putting. 

However, just because it appears to come across as a tedious game, it’s actually not that hard to get used to. In fact, many people claim poker takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master! Well, a minute to learn is slightly over-exaggerated! 

In this article, you will learn the basics of how to play poker. One advantage of playing poker online is that you don’t have to use real money. Although this is possible with chips in traditional poker, most people don’t find it entertaining. So, before you spend real cash, join tables online that allow you to play with fake coins. This will help you to figure out how to play against others without breaking the bank. Even experienced players play free games regularly. It can be great fun and you can interact with fellow gamers online. Some will offer you tips to help improve your game. Understand that playing for fake online money is not the same as playing for currency. Although the rules are the same, most players tend to play more loosely with fake money in comparison to real cash. 

How Can I Play Poker Online?

There are an array of options for people who want to play poker online. There are plenty of apps on the GooglePlay Store and the Apple Store that allow you to play against others online. Some of these are completely free and they allow you to challenge others all around the world. 

Social networking platforms like Facebook allow members to use their poker games for free available on their site. 

Sites like Blitz Poker give members the chance to play poker for real cash. There are plenty of tournaments to join and they give users lots of bonuses. 

There are not a lot of differences to playing online in comparison to playing traditional poker. The main difference is that you get to see your opponents in traditional poker, which might help you decide if they are bluffing or not. Plus, online poker tends to move a lot faster.

How to Begin a Game of Texas Holdem’?

Every poker table online will have a dealer. The dealer chip will be designated to one player however a computerized dealer will deal the cards. 

  • First, the player to the left of the dealer will have to put in a “small blind” and the person next to them will have to put in the “big blind”. Blinds will be set at the start of the game, or if you are joining a table online the blinds will be on display. Putting in both the small and big blind is compulsory. This helps keep the game going and influences people to gamble. 
  • The cards will be passed around clockwise, and after each individual has two cards the betting begins. Each player is dealt two separate cards which in Texas Holdem’ is known as the “hold cards”.
  • Preflop: Once all the cards have been dealt out the person sitting next to the player who has put in the “big blind” starts betting. To continue playing, they need to put in least the total of the big blind, this is known as a “call”. They can also “raise” if they like to. Also, you can easily fold at this stage if you don’t feel confident. 

Just because it is in the early stages of the game, doesn’t mean that you can have a major chip lead or lose everything from the first hand. Have your wits about yourself and stay focused from the moment you are dealt your first two cards.

What Happens Next?

After each player has had an opportunity to act, whether they have placed a bet, checked, or folded, the “flop” is dealt next. 

  • Three cards are put into the center of the table that is known as “the flop”. These are communal cards that each player can use to improve their current hand. 
  • Once the flop is dealt and each person has had a chance to think, the betting starts again. 
  • Just like in the first round of betting, each player has a chance to act. The first person to start off the betting is the person left to the dealer. 
  • This player has the choice to bet, check or fold. At this stage, folding is pointless, as it won’t cost you anything to check. If everybody else checks, you’ll be able to go onto the next round without having to risk any of your chips. Remember, there are still two cards to go. 
  • Each person has a chance to act and if one player has a bet, the initial person that checks will have to either match the bet (known as a “call”), raise or fold. 

Similar to the earlier round, once each player has had the chance to act and there are the same amount of chips in front of each player, the next round will commence. 

If one or more of the players doesn’t have enough chips to play they have to make a side pot.

The last cards: The Turn, The River & The Showdown

After all, betting is complete after the flop the dealer will turn over the next card which is known as “the turn”. After all, betting is complete, then the final card is turned over by the dealer which is known as “the river”. 

Once all five cards are on display the showdown will begin. Just a reminder, there are now five cards in the center of the screen which each player can use. Each player also has two cards themselves, which no other player can see or use. The idea of Texas Holdem’ is to choose your best five cards out of the seven you have in total. 

After all, the cards have been dealt out and two or more players remain for the last round of betting this is known as “the showdown”. After the betting is complete, each remaining player has to show their hand unless they have a losing hand and have realized their cards are worthless. Often a player who has been bluffing or their cards were lost will throw away their cards explaining to others that they had “muck”. 


Poker is a great game, with lots of different variations. You can find all the different poker games and tournaments online. 

During the Pandemic, people have the perfect opportunity to learn how the game works. For those who are more experienced poker players, perhaps it is a good time to improve their skills. Playing online is a fantastic way to help avoid feeling bored. You will notice, even playing for fake money that there are very talented players out there.

Keep in mind playing online poker is similar to online poker but not completely the same as traditional poker. Some professional poker players online struggle to compete in traditional poker competitions. 

For other ways to learn how to play poker, there are plenty of videos on YouTube of classic professional games and live streaming.

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