Review – Bezel 24MD845 144HZ 2K Gaming Monitor

A 144hz Monitor that can go 165hz?!

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at one of Bezel’s affordable 144hz gaming monitors, the Bezel 24MD845. This monitor pack features that enable it to position itself at a very competitive price. It features a native resolution of 1440p, a refresh rate of 144hz, a 24-inch MVA display panel, and a response time of 3ms gtg.

Most believe 1440p at 144hz is the newest sweet spot for monitor display. One might even end up wondering if 1440p/144hz is good on a 24-inch display. Despite the odd features that this monitor brings, it is still undeniable that it is one of the most affordable 1440p at 144hz monitors on the market. However, the real question is, is it worth buying? Let’s find out.

Bezel 24MD845 144HZ 2K Gaming Monitor


  • Model: Bezel 24MD845
  • Panel: 24-Inch MVA Panel
  • Resolution: 1440p
  • Ratio: 16:9
  • Contrast: 3000:1
  • Response Time: 3ms
  • Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Interface: HDMI, DP, DVI, 3.5mm Audio
  • Included Accessories: 2x HDMI Cable, Power Cable, Display Port Cable
  • Supports AMD Freesync
  • VESA: 100x100mm
  • Supports FPS, RTS, AOS, RPG Game Modes

Where to Buy:

Check Pricing on Shopee
Bezel 27 inches 27DM2X 144HZ 2K/60HZ 4K Resolution Gaming Monitor
Check Pricing on Lazada

Unboxing – Bezel 24MD845 Gaming Monitor

Before anything else, let’s start off with the unboxing of the monitor.



The packaging is a straightforward plain carton. Nothing to highlight or worth looking at. It has no design nor any information printed on it.

There is, however, a label that displays the specification of the monitor.

bezel 24md845 144hz 2k 1440p 165hz gaming monitor best cheap affordable

Other than the label, there’s nothing else to see.

Opening the box and taking out the content reveals a foam cushioning to prevent any damage that may occur on the monitor during shipping or travel.

bezel 24md845 144hz 2k 1440p 165hz gaming monitor best cheap affordable

The cushioning foam holds the accessories and the monitor in place. Giving an ample amount of protection to the package.

Every accessory is strapped in place with what seems to be a kind of scotch tape.

Taking each accessory out reveals the whole included items on the package.

bezel 24md845 144hz 2k 1440p 165hz gaming monitor best cheap affordable

Out of the box, the package includes a power brick, a power cable, a V center stand, the neck of the stand, one DisplayPort cable, and two pieces of HDMI cable. The HDMI cables, however, appears to come from different brand. One has the UGREEN branding while the other seems to be the OEM default HDMI cable.

On the other side of the packaging foam, the monitor is held in place by a carved shape that perfectly fits the monitor.

bezel 24md845 144hz 2k 1440p 165hz gaming monitor best cheap affordable

The monitor is also inside a plastic cover that prevents any trivial damage to its casing such as scratches or dust.

Assembling the monitor was pretty easy. The neck can be attached to the monitor without the need for any screws. However, the neck needs to be screwed on the V center stand.

bezel-24md845-144-hz-165-2k-1440p-gaming-monitor-philippines-best-affordable-cheapest 1

Be careful when attaching the neck to the monitor though. As we already mentioned, the neck is an attached to work kind of setup. There are no screws for it. So be careful when assembling this monitor. Improper handling could cause the monitor to fall off from its neck attachment.

bezel-24md845-144-hz-165-2k-1440p-gaming-monitor-philippines-best-affordable-cheapest 1

Lastly, the screw needed to attach the neck to the stand is already screwed to the neck. You simply have to remove them, attached the stand, and screw them back. Again, be careful when doing this. The screws are kinda prone to misalignment for some reason.

Closer Look – Bezel 24MD845 Gaming Monitor

bezel-24md845-144-hz-165-2k-1440p-gaming-monitor-philippines-best-affordable-cheapest -review-unboxing-lazada-shopee-next (2)

Once assembled, the monitor is pretty nifty to look at. The screen panel has a protective layer of plastic that can be removed to fully display the aesthetics of this monitor.

bezel-24md845-144-hz-165-2k-1440p-gaming-monitor-philippines-best-affordable-cheapest -review-unboxing-lazada-shopee-next (3)

At the back, you’re given this nice and slick curvature design that acts as the exhaust airway for the heat inside to exit. It also has this dash lines of red color that add to the overall aesthetics of the monitor. Lastly, the branding logo is highlighted on the upper backside of the monitor.

Additional information about the monitor can also be found at the backside. You can find that information on the product label. The monitor also supports VESA mounting of 100mm by 100mm. So this monitor can be wall-mounted with supporting brackets.

Performance – Bezel 24MD845 Gaming Monitor

In this section, we simply rate the monitor’s performance before and after calibration. Unfortunately, yours truly doesn’t have any form of color accuracy measuring tool such as Datacolor SpyderX PRO Colorimeter. However, considering the price and panel used for this monitor, it is simply not for professional use such as visual media editing and more.

Out of the Box Dead Pixel Test

The first test we always conduct is the out of the box performance. What this means is we test the overall performance of the monitor without changing anything to its settings.

For this test, we tested out if there are any issues with the monitor’s display panel. We displayed all the basic colors for each pixel to quickly see if there’s any form of pixel issues. Fortunately, after our test, the monitor came out perfectly. There we’re no dead pixel issue nor any form of a pixel being stuck on one color. See the images to view the results.


Next on our testing list is the out of the box banding or clouding issue. Banding is the term used to refer to a problem of inaccurate color presentation. For example, the color white of level 228 is the same all throughout up to level 240. Monitor’s with an excellent indication of color accuracy will show the difference in each level step.

bezel-24md845-144-hz-165-2k-1440p-gaming-monitor-philippines-best-affordable-cheapest -dead-pixel-stuck-gradient-banding

Unfortunately, the Bezel 24MD845 is not safe from banding issues. There is no clouding issue which is a great sign, however, due to the fact that this monitor uses MVA as its panel, minor banding issues are to be expected. Do note that this is an out of the box performance test. We did eliminate the banding issue after a couple of calibrations to make this monitor perform better on color reproduction.


If there’s one weakness we can already point out for this monitor, it’s going to be the Gamma. The monitor doesn’t have any built-in Gamma configuration. Gamma basically lets you adjust the pixels’ luminance at every brightness level, from 0 to 100 percent. So in this case, the only option to adjust the Gamma is by means of software either from Windows, your GPU Driver, or a 3rd party software.

Its sharpness, on the other hand, is excellent. A minor issue can be noticed when images are moving but it can be ignored. Since in terms of gaming, sharpness is a minor thing on fast-moving visuals.

bezel-24md845-144-hz-165-2k-1440p-gaming-monitor-philippines-best-affordable-cheapest -dead-pixel-stuck-sharpness

Viewing Angle

The Bezel 24MD845 is rated to show 100% accuracy at 178 degrees viewing angle. Out of the box, this is true on both side degrees, left to right. However, saturation becomes an issue when viewing the monitor from bird’s eye view to worm’s eye view.

Refresh Rate

The Bezel 24MD845 has a refresh rate of 144Hz out of the box. Consulting its specification posted on both Shopee and Lazada platforms, Next Technologies has also indicated that the refresh rate of the monitor is 144Hz.

Surprisingly, on our first booth up using this monitor, we were able to set it up to 165Hz using the DisplayPort connection.

We were, however, a bit skeptical of what’s going on. So we went on and investigated. Turns out, the monitor is capable of a 165Hz refresh rate naturally. Unfortunately, enabling AMD FreeSync removes the 165Hz option and limits the monitor down to 144Hz. At 165Hz, there was no frame skipping and no overclock done. It was pretty stable throughout our test.

So, you’ll be given two options here, you either use FreeSync at 144Hz or disable FreeSync and enjoy 165Hz.



The Bezel 24MD845 has a rated refresh rate of 144Hz. As we already mentioned above, you can easily set it up to 165Hz given that AMD FreeSync is disabled. Enabling this option will remove the 165Hz on your monitor’s available refresh rate list.

When it comes to overclocking, this monitor has a small headroom for it. Using the Custom Resolution Utility tool, we were able to achieve a maximum of 172Hz refresh rate at 1440p resolution stable. However, we had to tinker on some settings which resulted in an undesirable visual. Overclocking the refresh rate on a more friendly approach, we achieved a mear 167Hz stable. We suspected that we are limited by the monitor’s hardware and support of DisplayPort version 1.2 only.

At 1080p, we achieved an overclock setting of 267Hz stable.

We recommend using the monitor’s default settings instead of squeezing it for more performance. Overclocking can cost unrepairable damage to your monitor.

Built-in Options Menu

When it comes to built-in options, this monitor has basic settings for users to configure. It has picture adjustment, menu adjustment, color adjustment, picture mode settings, overdrive and HDR, and cursor display.

When setting the picture mode to Gaming, we noticed that the response rate of the monitor is faster by comparing it to other monitors we have here in the office. Furthermore, the built-in options that are available for this monitor are mostly set for gaming purposes. So it’s no surprise that we get better performance if picture mode is set to gaming.

If you’re hoping for a picture to picture (P2P) feature for this monitor, then you’ll be disappointed. The Bezel 27DM2X gaming monitor has that feature.

Our Final Thoughts…


The Bezel 24MD845 gaming monitor is a bit surprising. In terms of performance, by far it’s an outstanding monitor for its price. The only issue that we have is that it uses a VA panel instead of an IPS. IPS would have given this monitor a more competitive position on the market. Feature, functionality, and performance-wise, the monitor is definitely a performer.

We do find it odd somehow that the performance of the 24MD845 is better than its big brother, the Bezel 27MD845. The difference in performance is wide that the 24-inch variant appears to be a better monitor than the 27-inch variant. If it happens that the 24MD845 comes with a more updated feature and hardware, then Next Technologies better change their naming scheme for their products. It’s really hard to not notice the huge gap in performance between the 24-inch and the 27-inch models.

Overall, if you are looking for a monitor that’s capable of giving you more than your money’s value, then we strongly recommend checking out the Bezel 24MD845. It’s a gaming monitor that has all the necessary gaming features you will need for your gaming requirements. Furthermore, you’re given options that you won’t usually find on other monitors. If you’re using an NVIDIA graphics card, you can take advantage of the monitor’s native support of 165Hz refresh rate. On the other hand, make the most out of AMD’s FreeySync technology at 144Hz for this monitor.

The Bezel 24MD845 is considerably one of the best gaming monitors in the Philippines that’s affordable and reliable. At 1440p 165Hz, this is the cheapest monitor on the market that offers that settings.

If you wish to purchase this monitor, simply click on either Shopee or Lazada icon below.

Check Pricing on Shopee
Bezel 27 inches 27DM2X 144HZ 2K/60HZ 4K Resolution Gaming Monitor
Check Pricing on Lazada

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Quality - 7.5
Features - 7
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Superb for its price!

The Bezel 24MD845 is considerably one of the best gaming monitors in the Philippines that's affordable and reliable. At 1440p 165Hz, this is the cheapest monitor on the market that offers that settings. As long as you can live with its MVA panel display then you're good to go.

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