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However you feel about RGB lighting, there are some components whose only direction in terms of progression is to integrate more of it. Today we see the most RGB cooler from Corsair with the iCUE H100i Elite Capellix. Its a great cooler but if you’re not adding in more Corsair fans or is building in a Corsair case, there’s a lot of wasted potential here.

Find out more about the Corsair iCUE H100i Elite Capellix and see if this is the AIO for you. Read on!

Its been a while since I’ve had Noctua in the bench but very happy to share my review and experience of the NH-U12A; the only Noctua cooler that uses their NF-A12x25 high-performance fans. Find out more if this is the cooler for you in this review.

Two years ago, ASUS revealed the ROG Ryujin coolers. In present day, the OLED screen is now a staple for high-end AIOs but included fans have either been stock or RGB wherein ASUS still ships the iPPC 2000 fans from Noctua with their ROG Ryujin, nearly an $80 or more value if bought separately. Looking for whisper quiet performance? Check out our review of the ROG Ryujin 360mm in this #B2G review.

With all the boys and girls in the cooling industry, its only time that CoolerMaster jumps in and joins the RGB club. Check out the CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML360R and see if its the right cooling upgrade for that large, high-performance build of yours in this #B2G review

Noctua has a lot of chances to ride the wave but they choose to make their own. The Noctua A12x25 is a new performance-oriented fan that will set the standard for performance: noise but in a world of RGB, has the brown brand lost its step?