Updated: How to Install Google Apps and Play Store Services on Huawei Phones

With users commenting problems logging into their Google account during the installation of this method, the steps have been revised to work around this.

This update will show a simple solution to logging into Google as well as a revision to older Step 7  which has now been replaced with a new, more reliable method. A lot of the segments have been overhauled so please kindly read again step by step. Its very easy and fast and will be very easy to do for this update of the fix to install Google Play Store on your new Huawei Device. We can confirm this works on a Huawei Nova 7i, Huawei P40/P40 Pro and a Mate 30 Pro but some have confirmed it works on other Huawei devices as well. It does not make any permanent alterations to your Huawei phone so its safe and you can just factory reset your phone to remove all changes.

Confirmed working after latest Huawei update July 2, 2020.

Without further ado. Let’s proceed. I’ve divided this post into pages since some readers are skipping steps. Proceed only to the next step if you believe you’ve fulfilled the conditions of the current step.


We’ve seen your comments about the login not working  on Step 4 and since I don’t have a Huawei phone anymore to test, it took a while to check the solution we gathered.

The good news is that we’ve received reports of a workaround for now IF the regular steps are still not working for you. All you need to do is backdate or set your phone’s date to May 2020 or earlier.

We’ll update the step accordingly. The rest of the steps are the same.

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  1. Hi, is there any reason why my phone is not detecting the restore point from the USB? I can view the extracted file though, USB debugging is on, USB config was set to MTP ( Media Transfer Protocol).. but “Use USB to” was set to “Reverse Charge” when I tried to set to “transfer files” is goes back to “reverse charge”. TIA

  2. The zip file should be extracted in the root and not extracted under another folder, Huawei folder should be on the root

  3. I got a parse error on (3) GMS Core 19.apk when I tried to install it, can you please check the included file in the zip file? Its file size was 95MB

  4. I tried re-downloading the zip file, and after my fifth time I was able to extract it without parse error on the files. I should’ve downloaded it straight from my PC and not from mobile. Anyways, after trying for almost 2 hours, still don’t have my luck, still prompting the annoying “Google Play services requires an action” 🙁

    1. I can confirm that I never had this thing go as quickly as I wanted it to and required a lot of retries after Step 6. The most I did uninstalls Google Framework Services and Google Play Store and reinstalling it up to the point where I have to not get the notifications.

      Still trying to look for easier solutions but so far this is the only one that works.

  5. Thank you bro, will try my best nalang muna ulit, habang wala pa yung easiest way. Salamat ulit sa pag post neto

  6. Hello does this work for huawei m6 tablet too?? If not do you know how? PLEASE HELP ME HAVE BEEN TRYING A LOT OF WAYS BUT NOTHING WORKS

  7. Hi. I successfully done all of the steps and it is working fine. But the Netflix is not working. What should I do?

  8. As of this moment I really don’t know how to use streaming services with this workaround. Pretty much anything related to secure video streaming and banking will not work with this. I’ll check if I can find a solution.

  9. followed all steps, but there is always notification error. google play services always issue a notification error

    1. As long as it is not the play protect notification, you should be fine and you can ignore the message. If its the annoying play protect notification, you have to redo the steps.

  10. Hi
    the purple G logo not Activate in my p40 pro an you tell me after downloading how I activate to this G logo app?

  11. I’m trying to install on my Huawei nova 7i,
    After finish backup file it pop up something when try to run de purple G aps.
    Do I need to format my phone first before follow the instructions?

  12. I did Activate everything on Step 3 but every time I open it, it says Check your network connection over and over again. Need help please. Thank you

    Step 3: Install Google Applications
    Step 3.a: Activate Lzplay
    Tap and activate the Lzplay on your home screen, the purple G logo. Activate and grant admin rights to Lzplay app. Proceed with storage access and tap activate.

  13. Thank.. After 2 days keep trying, finally It’s work on my Huawei Nova 7i.
    Already used for 2 weeks without any errors.
    But cannot run McDonald’s app. It’s say “not pass security check”.
    The rest is fine for now.

    1. You shouldn’t be getting an error by this step. You can either try again or check your connection literally to see if there’s a problem although I can’t confirm if this works without an active internet connection so make sure you have an active connection just to be sure.

      1. Hi po.. Tried this on my nova 7 se.. I got stuck on the lz play app.. Nagawa ko na din yung step 3.a. Pero same result pa rin..
        May other way pa po ba para mag work siya? Thanks.

  14. Raleigh,

    Actually my device dont have issue with the connection.

    I just can share what I’m face during the process.
    Hope can give U something.

    My first try I have issue when the G purple pop up something in Chinese and not allowed me to continue.

    I check back the instructions given and after that I decided to format my phone and start the process again.

    This 2nd try no more pop up when i run the G purple and it’s allow me to continue the installation process. And than just proceed with the next steps accordingly.

    As mentioned by admin, I also have problem in steps 7.b and need to try several times.
    And finally did it.
    Because I so happy with that I have made wrong move on step 8. Then the error notification pops up like M16.
    I’m stress with the pop up and decide to format again my device.
    After that I do again, just read and follow the steps carefully.

    For this 3rd try, I still face the same annoying patr on steps 7.b. But don’t give up and keep trying. And finally I did it and continue with the final steps. 🙂

    I’m lucky, I can login to my YouTube account. 🙂

  15. So if the play protect notification pops up then i only have to repeat from step 7? I was fine with all the pop ups until i found out that i cannot back up my viber data, and everything else on my nova 7i to my google account.. Help please. TIA.

  16. hi. just wanna ask why cant i sign in to google. in the settings, under the user and accounts then add account then in google, it always says a problem occurred while communicating with google services.

  17. Same problem as @steph. I’m having problem at step 4, it keeps saying “Couldn’t sign in’ although I disabled 2 step verification.

  18. Seems like a new development where people encounter login issues at Step 4. I’ll replicate the problem and see if we have a fix. Let me just factory reset my Nova 7i to test.

  19. Does the 6 apps in Step 3a must be successfully installed?
    Cause mine keep on showing download error and asked me to redownload them.

    1. Yes, they are required. There’s shouldn’t be a download error because they’re locally installed. It’d be best if you can share screenshots of the problem. You can upload them in imgur

      1. I have waited a few minutes but still the same as the picture above.
        I also tried redownload and it still stuck at the first app.

            1. Seems like you’re not the only one encountering the problem. I’ll see if I can replicate. Will try it on my phone and update. For now, try checking updated guides if you need a bypass. They may have the fix already. I’ve seen this reported first on June 21, so its fairly recent. Google may have patched it out.

  20. Seems like newer devices such as the Matepad 10.4 isn’t supported… Got stuck on the G logo step; translation says “not supported”

  21. Any solution to make Google pay work currently only Google lay and mcdonald’s doesnt work any suggestions or methods to make them work?

  22. Hi,. My 7i isn’t working from step 3,..that big G does not appear on home screen until I install it and again when I open it, it only brings two Chinese options which when I press the blue option it pops up again, ..I cannot as well sign in
    Its scam

  23. on the step 6 after remove Goole Play services. Install 7.GMS.Mod2Fix.apk again, then google play store showed Authentication is required. I did the restart but play store still showing the same thing.

  24. hey bro thnx for the auto it worked in y7p and nova 7i but it doesn’t work for y6p and y5p LZPlay make a message this phone is not supported do you have any solution for that. ?

  25. was fine before step 8. But after install #8 File, the notification ‘Google Play services requires an action’ pops out again…

  26. I am stucked in step 2 and 3.a ayaw mag activate ng purple G Boss. ano magandang gawin Boss I tried this a couple of times but no luck.

  27. i am struck to update backup app. its saying you already have newer version however i have uninstalled and its not visible anywhere. please help

  28. yes boss nag uninstall ako ng backup nag rewrite using the file from the link then after backup ko uli using step 2. ask ko lang same file from first download ba yun lzplay na install while airplane mode?

    1. Hmmm di ko masabi par, kaka-reset ko lang uli for Nova 7i wala naman issue and kung ano nilagay ko sa guide un din steps ko eh. Hmmm sa phone kaya? wala kasi mapraktisan na similar sa model mo. hanap ako user na same case mo bro baka makatulong

  29. Hi!

    In step 4A, when I open the app and tap browser log-in : it does not ask me for my email and password. It just says “You don’t have a network connection. This could be a temporary problem. Try again or connect to another Wi-fi network.”

    I am receiving the Google play protect notifications. But whenever i open the Play Store, it asks me to login and then givs me the same “No network connection” error.

    Please help. Thank you

  30. HOLA. Tengo el smartphone Y8P de Huawei. Sigo los pasos al pie de la letra, pero la aplicacion G morada no me funciona, me da el error de LZPlay en letras chinas que aparece en la foto, por lo que procedo a realizar la instalacion alternativa (paso 3.a) y no me sirve. Sigue tirando el mismo error. Hay algun otro metodo de instalar la G morada sin error? alguna actualizacion de LZPlay?
    agradezco comentarios porfavor.

    1. Good day sir! I tried installing the back up file in your post but I can’t install it on my Nova 7 SE even I followed all the steps. Lagi sinasabi na “You have already a newer version of this app”

  31. any news about Y6P ? i’ve tested all HowTo but no one is abble to install GMS on Y6P with EMUI 10.1 (latest).
    Perhaps you ‘ll be the first to accomplish this stuff ?

  32. Anyway tried this method on Nova 7 SE? After clicking on the G app or LZPlay, it only gives one blue option to click. After that, the app automatically closes.

  33. i am stuck at this step – COULD NOT FIND BACKUP app in the list. So, i cannot uninstall backup, so i cannot execute below command :
    Uninstall the stock Huawei backup app by going to Settings > Apps > Apps and look for the Backup app and uninstall it.

  34. I’ve tried this method on mediapad T5 (EMUI, but after clicking LZPlay (Purple G), it only gives one blue option to click (saying “sorry, it is not supported”). After that, the app automatically closes. I’ve tried step 3a several times, but no success. Any solution? Thank you for your great work!

  35. Why you didn’t uploaded the ROM except of these all steps. my Nova 7i is not signing in. its not giving any error.

  36. Wait! It worked! I reset my phone and changed the date. Not sure though if it worked on May or March date. Basta nag trial and error lang din! Thank you

  37. OK, so here’s how I did the step 4, before step 4 after activating lzplay, I changed my back to 2 years, 2018.. After that I began with all the setups till setup 4, where it automatically reset my date back to current year and Google account added, now the problem is, when I install mod 8 notif aree gone, but when I install the finally GMS mod, the notifs come back HARD

  38. Hi, unable to move on from step 4a because I get stuck on the sign in tab. Log in screen does not appear. 🙁 I tried installing app # 7 prior to signing in but i get the google protect error.

  39. Because I want to eliminate the notifications, I reset my phone and now I am stuck again at step 4a. I am not sure what step I missed this time.

  40. Hi, unable to move on from step 4a because I get stuck on the sign in tab. (if the date is old (for example, May 2020) the google account page will not load) if the date is actual (24.8.2020) he still writes: signing in. I have H. P40 Pro 🙁

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