While it may have an older interior design, the BitFenix Shadow does offer a good mix of looks and function which specifically caters to storage nuts who need a chassis that can house more than 5 hard drives. Let's take a look at the BitFenix Shadow chassis in this #B2G review. Read More
BitFenix's first outing in a totally different market is the ushers in the Flo headphones. While marketing for the product gives it a confused status of being either for gaming or audiophiles, its good to know that BitFenix managed to make something to please fans on both end of the spectrum. Read on to find out more about the compact BitFenix Flo in this #B2G review. Read More
If you don't glance at your chassis much nor don't want to hear it humming along while working, the BitFenix Ghost is a silent-chassis with plenty of space for your high-end components yet keep everything quiet as a cat's feet. Check out this #B2G #review of the BitFenix Ghost midtower chassis. Yup, its a big-ass mid-tower. Read More