Guide: How to Download Youtube Videos Fast

Earlier today, I needed to download Youtube videos fast for a project and I was using KeepVid to get the files. Now I going back and forth, getting links and shoving it to the downloader site again and again. My colleague Clark saw what I was doing and recommended another method so props to him for this solution. Its basically another downloader site but its so much more convenient.

And no you don’t need to another tab and open another site. You don’t need to install a Chrome or Firefox extension so you can download Youtube videos fast. None of that. All you need to do is add to letter the URL.

For example, the original URL will be:


Say for example you wanted to grab that Twice video for whatever purposes you need. All you need to do is add-in to letter to the URL. Yup, you just gotta type it in. Now browser extensions, no nothing. Its easy as that. See below for example:

Notice the “pp” in the URL? That’s all you gotta add. So, the process of downloading Youtube videos will be like so:

  1. Go the Youtube URL as normal.
  2. Change the URL from to
  3. You’ll be taken to the y2mate website and be presented with multiple links.
  4. Download the resolution you need.

Simple and convenient and it doesn’t shove ads in my face or have annoying pop-ups (as of this moment.) The site doesn’t ask any input from the user and download links aren’t behind URL forwarders. The one downside I have noticed is that there is no support for 1440p, 4K and/or higher. So far, that’s the only drawback of this site. In terms of security, I don’t see the site doing anything shady.

So, until Youtube allows viewers full downloads (which I believe it won’t) then these sites will be the go-to solutions for people that want to download Youtube videos, so being fast and simple is a nice extra especially when working with official product videos you want to integrate or trailer you want to react or include in your videos.

Hope that helps!

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