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ZOTAC GAMING RTX 3080 Trinity Review

We’ll switch things up and open with the power and temperature behavior of the graphics card first. We use Final Fantasy XV Benchmark to simulate a gaming workload but for those looking extreme loads, we do put our cards through Kombustor on first installation for stress testing to check for stability. For our reviews though, we use Final Fantasy XV to simulate a true gaming scenario. Power draw is captured inline via PCAT or Powenetics so no other components affects readings. Readings are taken from the average 15 min idle readings for both load and idle. Ambient temperature is kept at 28*C.


Let’s take a look at clock behavior versus temperature:

Thermal Images

Sorry about the music. Homelander was still cussing the entire time in the background.

ZOTAC Spectra

ZOTAC FireStorm is still the default configuration software for ZOTAC’s RTX 30 series cards. Nothing much has changed since the last generation of cards. Users can use FireStorm to manually overclock their RTX 30 series card as well as changing the default fan speeds. The OC scanner can be used to optimized the card and set up an OC without advanced knowledge.

Users can also configure the RGB lighting on the card through the Spectra options in a submenu. There are animation controls and color as well as brightness controls but the card itself is minimally lit so there’s not a lot of options.

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