ASUS ROG Electro Punk Gaming Peripheral Set Review

The only true ROG branded product in the Electro Punk gaming peripheral set, the ROG Sheath as a table-sized desk mat.


Reinforced edge-stitching, done in neon pink, is one of the most noticeable feature of this oversized mousepad and is meant to reinforce the entire structure of the pad. This part of the pad does not have the undersize grip material so edges will slip and slide a little bit during use.

Fully laid out, one can notice that this mat is definitely very different from the original ROG Sheath. The original ROG Sheath went with a completely black theme with a large ROG logo in a matrix-like artwork on the right side. ASUS switched that up on the Electro Punk edition, switching the design to ROG abstract cybertext on a gradient hot pink on area on the left. The right side is now kept clean with a smaller ROG logo on the right corner.

Performance-wise, the ROG Sheath is meant for a balance between grip and speed with a fine-grit surface that works well for optical and laser sensors. The grit should definitely give a nice experience and regardless which mouse you use, the ROG Sheath should prove quite useful. Pairing it with the ROG Strix Scope TKL Electro Punk and ROG Impact II Electro Punk, it brings the colors much better. There are plenty of custom mouse mat makers out there and if you’re technically running this set with the ROG Strix laptop, a desk mat is sometimes purely optional.

Still, priced at only Php1910, it the cheapest ROG product you can grab and while the value is trivial, I feel this is purely optional but if you’re spending nearly $400 or Php20,000 for the entire set, it’s definitely not something I’d put off.

ROG Sheath Electro Punk Official Product Page

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