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5 Anime Characters with Gambling Habits

Asian culture is full of delicious foods, ancient practices and beauty. Asians also have a strong affinity with the world of anime and gambling. So, it was inevitable that these two aspects would come together.

Anime is a genre of TV series and film originating from Japan but enjoyed across the world today. The storylines of this genre resonate with viewers as they touch on typical problems that most people face. Although they are animations, these shows can be aimed at adults as well as children and teens.

You don’t have to look far to see where anime and gambling have come into contact. There are now anime slot games such as Koi Princess and anime characters with gambling habits. We’re here to discuss the latter, and you can learn more about anime characters that enjoy the casino below.


#1: Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

Cowboy Bebop is about a group of bounty hunters wandering the galaxy. It is also one of the oldest anime series to make this list but also evidences that the relationships between anime characters and gambling are nothing new.

Faye Valentin is one of the gang and is known to be somewhat of a rotten egg. She likes all the typical bad guy stuff from smoking and drinking – but also gambling!

#2: Leroute (Hunter x Hunter)

Leroute from the celebrated Hunter x Hunter is another gambler within the genre. Her sneaky appearance gives away much of her character, and she was even sentenced to jail for over 100 years for illegal gambling. All we can say is, she must really like the casino.

#3: Uno (Nanbaka)

Leroute is now the only anime character t have ended up in prison through gambling. Uno is another and is the perfect example of the phrase, once a gambler always a… He can be found serving his time in jail, but in the meantime, he is still gambling on the inside, even if it is just for fun this time.

#4: Paulie (One Piece)

Paulie is a character from One Piece who is almost always found with a cigar in his mouth. He is one of the many anime characters who has allowed gambling to take over. Paulie is usually trying to find a way to pay off his gambling debts, although viewers still like him because of his clear good intentions.

#5: Tsunade (Naruto)

Naruto’s Tsunade is one of the most well-known anime characters among younger generations, most often for her healing powers and signature move. What fewer people realise is how much she loves gambling, which is a hobby she picked up from her beloved grandfather. Although she enjoys it, she isn’t very good at it and has considerably lousy luck.

The anime world is full of female as well as male gamblers, holding up a mirror to a new society and the rise in women using online casinos

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