Well what do you know? The MNL48 Facebook page reached over 1 Million likes. While it doesn’t mean much as an indicator of actual popularity, in a country where J-pop is on the fringes of the music scene it feels quite uplifting.

Anyway, there is still no news regarding the next phase of the audition. Personally, my mind was occupied by Team 8’s concerts this past weekend, and the Request Hour is also coming (I hope a Team 8 song gets number one). But I still took the time to select the applicants for this week.

1. KyanaCat – Cavite

– I’ve lost track of how many Cavitenas I’ve added to my list. If you’ve bothered to look, you’ll see that the majority of my choices are chinitas. I have a few morenas on my list but it must by my subconscious making gear towards girls who might not look out of place in a J-pop group. That said, this 18-year old from Imus says she loves to perform. She’s also ridiculously low-ranked (695 with 6 likes). Like, come on guys.

2. Airi – Cavite

– Another lass from Cavite. 18-year old Airi is also a performer who also joined some dance covers according to her profile. Would have wanted a nice video of her performing but she looks very photogenic nonetheless.

3. Angelle – Surigao del Norte

– Finally, someone out of Cavite! She loves anime, manga, cats, and cheese! Still no videos for this girl, but she’s chinita and I’m feeling pretty biased right now so she gets in.

4. Mikachu – Manila

– Not only does this girl have a video, I also saw her in the Team 8 Fan Meet, making her and Ashley Cloud the two girls in this audition that I’ve personally seen. I’ve no idea if there were anybody else. The first thing you’ll notice is that her age says 21 which, if you’ve been keeping track, means she’s over the limit. However, I think I remember her profile read 20 last year so she may have already passed her birthday by then. I hope she makes it, being in the top 10 thus far.

5. reirei – Cainta

– Idols aren’t really known for their outstanding singing so it’s always a pleasure to find some who really can belt out a tune or two. This 20-year old from Cainta can not only sing, but does covers in You Tube. Her profile in the audition website has a snippet of her covers. Check it out!

Whew! That’s it for now. I really hope we hear news about the next phase real soon. Special thanks to Sopsy for giving his (her?) recommendations. He basically reminded me about Mikachu, and introduced reirei to my consciousness. If you guys have your own lists, drop them on the comments below.

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