Is Exergaming Becoming a Challenge to the Fitness Sector?

One of the most common challenges facing experts in the health and fitness industry is how to initiate physical training in inactive people. Another challenging issue is how to help these individuals maintain an active life. Regardless of the broad range of choices when it comes to training for both the young and the old, compliance from trainees is abysmal. The goal behind the creation of exergames, also known as AVGs (active video games), is to activate activity during gaming by requiring gamers’ body movement to interact with the platform. This has the potential to improve balance and boost physical activity in particular individuals.

Energy Investment

The general public has adopted active video gaming. This fact is proven by over ninety-four million international sales of Nintendo Wii. Energy expenditure linked with the console from Nintendo and Wii Sports games has been getting considerable attention since 2011. Even though the quality of the research varies significantly, some studies still provide accurate conclusions for inter-research comparison.

It seems that Wii products can greatly boost oxygen consumption, heart rate, and energy use over resting levels. The always-expanding field of active video gaming will continue to offer training choices for many people. The study’s conclusions are promising. More in-depth research still needs to be done and aspects linked with long-term faithfulness require further exploration.

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Physical Functioning and Balance

Noticeable improvements in balance can be identified in trials. These trials include training interventions, functional exercise, muscle strengthening, and balance. One video game that is keeping users hooked is the Ring Fit for Nintendo Wii. The game is one of the most exciting platforms for users to have fun as well as enjoy themselves. However, if you consider exergaming to be your source for physical activity and plan on including performance products such as steroids, it is best to get the facts about the products and effectiveness.

The RingFit game offers users a chance to earn rewards in the game and gifts that help them advance to other levels of the game as well as accessories for the players’ avatars. As the players complete the specified challenges, they get to repeatedly perform a series of exercises. During gaming, the players are required to perform certain bodyweight workouts to help them defeat “bosses” in the game. Once the user completes the different adventures and challenges, they are sure to feel the same experience from a bodyweight training program. Nonetheless, there is still a lot to be learned about the effectiveness and safety when using exergames. Furthermore, for someone to enjoy the game depends on their age and attitude towards video games.


Though many people in the fitness sector want to ignore the facts, exergaming is slowly becoming a challenge to the fitness industry since more companies are investing in the idea and coming up with more innovations.

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