The 5 Industries Taking VR By Storm

It’s fair to say that virtual reality has transformed a number of industries and continues to do so as the technology becomes more and more accessible.

We’ve seen it really take off in some industries, less so in others. One thing is for sure though, it’s certainly getting people talking.

Over the next few years it’s going to continue to be a major part of our lives, none more so than in the industries where it’s already becoming commonplace.


We take a look at the industries where VR is already setting a fine example for those yet to take it up…

Motor Racing

The biggest pro to VR is that it can put users into a pressure scenario, replicating exact conditions of any situation in the world. For motor racing and drivers that’s of huge benefit.

Technology has always been in sync with motor racing, it’s half the reason Mercedes continue to dominate.

VR race simulators are becoming common practice in both the professional sport and gaming these days and has even made its way beyond racing and into car showrooms to try and sell cars.

Adult Entertainment

The adult industry is also reaping the rewards of VR and is one of the first to adopt the technology across all forms of video entertainment.

Not only are movies being filmed with virtual reality in mind, there are also a sex games online in virtual reality format.

It’s another step forward for the industry, which continues to stand at the very forefront of entertainment’s technology.

Medical Industry

Similarly to the motor industry, virtual reality helps place medical professionals and juniors into pressure situations to hone their craft and help practice making the correct decisions.

VR has been a part of training for a couple of years now, but not only that has been helping patients too.

It’s been used to help stroke victims with stimulating games and is even being used to distract sick children during their stays in hospital beds.

Real Estate

Real Estate seems a natural fit for virtual reality across both commercial and private property.

It’s the perfect piece of kit to give potential buyers a virtual look around a property before going for a real life viewing.

It’s already beginning to transform the way we view homes and is only going to be adopted further over the coming years.


Gaming of course has seen the biggest transformation of all when it comes to VR. It’s been adopted across a range of genres, from sport to fantasy and more and more games are going to be tailoring their gameplay to suit a headset.

It’s continuing to revolutionise the gaming industry with the likes of Oculus Rift and we’re going to see it become an integral part of future console releases.

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