Five Trends in Online Gambling Technologies

Brick and mortar casinos where the pioneers in the gambling scene. These facilities were known to provide entertainment by offering punters a chance to wager on some of the most preferred games. These establishments thrived immensely for several years and made billions in profit. Land-based casinos still exist and are still faring quite well, however, they have to compete with online casinos.

As internet technologies carved a new niche for most establishments, casinos were not excluded. Online gambling became popular and many punters now prefer to wager online. Also, the online gambling industry continues to take advantage of technological innovations, to provide better services to their customers. Each year, more and more unique technologies are integrated into virtual gambling and the outcomes are usually fascinating. Below are five trends in gambling technologies:

AR and VR

In recent years, one of the most popular innovations in virtual gaming is Virtual Reality and Augmented Realities technology. AR gives players the feeling of being at an actual casino without leaving the comfort of their homes. Through AR, punters can feel the visual elements around them. Elements such as dealers, tables, cards, slot machines and chips can be seen as it almost is in actual casinos. All these make the experience feel real.

Full integration of these technologies into online gaming is still in process since there are obstacles such as costly gadgets, and sophisticated hardware which most punters cannot afford. Other accessories used in online gaming includes smartwatches, and game developers like Microgaming are starting to tailor their product to suit these gadgets.


The huge variety of available gaming interactions in gaming now makes it easier to fuel the motivation of players. Now casinos have numerous reward programmes, extra quests, and tournaments to keep players interested, fast payouts and more improved game software.

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More Payment Method Options

Real money online gambling involves making payments before bets can be placed. Credit and debit cards were used for this purpose for a long time. However, more payment methods have surfaced recently with the development of payment opportunities such as cryptocurrency and e-wallets. These methods also guaranteed casino customers more privacy and security.

Convenient Integration

Gone are the days where a player walks into a casino and does not know what to do and how to play. Now, it takes less time to learn how casino games work with technologies that make casino website intuitive and more user friendly. Developers now integrate detailed instructions on how to play their games to make it easy for punters to play their games. To ensure that their game interface is interactive and more realistic, online game providers provides integrates developer’s services using APIs, to allow easy testing.

Predictive Analytics

Nowadays, casinos can save and track players interactions including searches on the casino software. All the information gathered can be used to predict players preferences, which is in turn used to create personalised suggestions, and successful promotional offers.

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