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The Most Significant Film Festivals Held in Europe

Film and cinema is celebrated across Europe. It seems there is a new film festival every month. Film festivals aren’t just about the awards; many people attending film festivals place bets on the possible winners of each category. But make sure you do your research before you bet, the fans favourite doesn’t always win. Alternatively, keep yourself amused on the flight with Ladbrokes’ guide to video poker. As well as placing bets, most people enjoy the fashion, spotting celebrities and immersing themselves in the atmosphere. These are some of the most important film festivals in Europe.

Cannes, France

Cannes is one of the most famous film festivals in the world. Every spring some of the biggest actors and actresses in the world gather to view screenings and receive awards. The films presented at Cannes compete for the Palme d’Or (golden palm), which is one of the most prestigious awards in cinema. However, films which win the award at Cannes aren’t necessarily guaranteed to be hugely successfully in mainstream cinema but it can launch a director’s career.

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland

Edinburgh is home to a lot of cultural events, such as the Fringe Festival. Its International Film Festival is just as successful. It is the world’s longest running continuous film festival, which is hugely significant. Edinburgh’s film festival is extremely popular with younger crowds of film fans because many celebrities attend. The festival aims to celebrate new talent in the film industry and helps to establish the careers of many directors and actors.

Venice International Film Festival, Italy

Venice’s International Film Festival takes place in summer each year, the 2017 festival begins in August. The festival is known for premiering films which shoot to success at the Oscars. Over the last few years Venice has premiered many Academy Award winners, such as La La Land, Gravity, Birdman and Spotlight. This makes it one of the most significant festivals in the film industry, even more so than Toronto.

BFI London Film Festival, London

The London Film Festival showcases the best films which have been previewed at other festivals around the world. This gives people a chance to see films which they wouldn’t otherwise have access to, making the London film festival hugely important for continuing to generate interest in films in the UK. Although some of the films have been premiered already, members of the cast or directors are usually present to introduce the screenings and there are large red carpet events in Leicester Square, so attendees still have the chance to see some of the stars. The London Film Festival celebrates films from around the world, last year’s festival featured films from 57 countries.

Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland

This festival is new to the scene, it was only established in 2002. It has made an impact though, as its highest award (the Golden Puffin) is only awarded to directors who are premiering their first or second film. The festival is attracting a lot of new talent in the industry and aims to help create the next generation of directors.  

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