Top Reasons Pro Gaming Events Have Become So Popular

Video game lovers would jump at the chance to attend a live event where they can watch their favorite gamer beat out the competition on some of today’s most popular games. Yet, from the outside looking in, spending your money, let alone your time to watch other people have fun playing video games seems absurd. Believe it or not, however, over the past decade the pro-gaming industry has increased in popularity and continues to grow. 

Pro gaming events are essentially organized events where professional players come together to play multiplayer video games in front of a large audience. These pro gamers are competing for more than just notariety but also a huge payout. There are various types of games played including team sports, first-person shooters, multiplayer online battle arena, and real-time strategy. 

Why Are They So Popular?

So, you know what a pro gaming competition is, but it still doesn’t explain what makes them such popular events to attend. From fortune 500 companies and celebrities to pro gamers and fans, here’s a look at the reasons this industry has become so popular. 

Great for Branding

Small, medium, and large brands alike are starting to see the branding and marketing potential in professional competitive gaming events. With resources like marketing professionals, trade show blogs, and consumer research, companies have started investing their money into these events as a means of boosting brand recognition and gaining new business. Seeing that the gamer demographic is large (meaning people of all ages, genders, races, and income brackets are interested in gaming), they use these events to reach both their existing and new customers.

Companies will set up trade show booths at the gaming competitions complete with informational materials, promotional products, and even merchandise in an effort to draw in a new audience. They may also become a sponsor having their logos or brand names printed on player’s shirts or on digital and vinyl banners streamed throughout the arena. Lastly, companies also invest thousands of dollars in advertisements from commercials to online ads. 

The Pay is Awesome

Ever wonder why someone would want to become a professional gamer? To the average working person, this may seem like simply playing games for a few bucks. In reality, however, pro gamers get paid a decent amount to compete in these events. Players are not only paid an annual salary for competing throughout the year (salary amount varies on experience and company), but they also receive a cut of the grand prizes which can total millions each year. Though the base annual salary may not be six figures, it is a decent amount along with your share of the winnings each time you compete and place in a tournament. This can be a great income source for anyone who has the passion and skill for video games. 

Fans Love It

Pro gaming competitions are essentially no different than any other live event you might enjoy watching. There are people who love the thrill of watching basketball, baseball, football, soccer, golf, chess, and other games and sports in person. They’ll spend a lot of time and money essentially watching professionals play a game they love. The only difference is their interest happens to be video games. If you have a true love of gaming, seeing professionals duke it out to your favorite games is thrilling. The mixture of excitement, adrenaline, and amazement keeps people coming back for more.

There’s also the environment at the pro gaming events. You’re surrounded by like-minded people who simply love video games. There are lots of cool items you can get for free or at a great price from brands all over the country. You can learn about the latest games and gaming tech before it ever hits the market. Lastly, there’s always great food and refreshments. 

The Future is Bright

This billion-dollar industry is not cooling off anytime soon. As more companies (both in the gaming industry and out) realize the potential of the professional gaming world, they’re willing to invest millions into leveraging this opportunity to reach new audiences. There has even been talks of the pro gaming industry coming to the 2024 Olympics

The pro gaming industry might seem strange to someone who doesn’t have a passion for video gaming or has never attended an event. Hopefully, however, the information listed above has persuaded you otherwise. From great branding and marketing potential to significant earning potential, there are a lot of reasons these types of competitive events will be around for a long time. 

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