Watch_Dogs UltraHD(4K) Screenshots Gallery

We’re just getting started with Watch_Dogs and there’s been a lot of people really interested in seeing the game’s details and visuals since launch. Thanks to NVIDIA’s non-stop PR drumming, the game has been touted as one of the most graphically intense titles of 2014.

So we’ve collected a few screenshots to sample the games maximum in-game detail settings in various anti-aliasing modes to show off the differences. We’re capturing the screenshots using UltraHD resolution of 3840×2160 using a GIGABYTE GTX780Ti Windforce on an 4K TV using Fraps.


Anti-Aliasing Samples

In the settings above, MSAAx8 had the biggest impact on performance dropping frame rates to an eye-bleeding 1FPS. MSAA x4 and TXAA x4 both dropped the game also to less than 15FPS.


Anti-Aliasing Samples 1080p Close Ups

Now you really don’t need AA that much in 4K resolution so the impact is actually quite clearer with 1080p and lower so here’s a bit of close-up shots of AA settings.

In all honesty, the game looks fine with just FXAA turn on but anyone who can’t live not justifying his GPU purchase should find Watch_Dogs a real challenge as the game taxes our 780 Ti already, with max settings of course.

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