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Future Gaming Tech To Look Forward To

What could be the future technologies that one can expect to be dominant in the world of gaming? Here are some of them.

Back in 2019, Reed Hastings, CEO of streaming giant Netflix, told what he thought was the nuggets competition for their company. To what would be a surprise for many, it wasn’t a competitor streaming service, it wasn’t YouTube, nor was it the home video industry making a comeback for revenge. No, it was Fortnite, a game that was a huge hit that year. And he was not alone in thinking that way. There is without a doubt that gaming has gotten so huge and is only getting bigger and bigger through time.

Now, gaming is not just playing a game console at home whenever you are free, and no one is using the TV. Gaming has expanded to computers, handheld consoles, and even smartphones. Now, gaming even includes online gambling through online casinos–in the form of a betting site or a mobile app. Since a huge chunk of the success of the gaming industry can be attributed to technology, it is only a given that you would expect gaming to grow as tech grows.

With that in mind, what could be the future technologies that one can expect to be dominant in the world of gaming? Here are some of them.

Cloud gaming

Two of the most common problems when it comes to gaming is hardware. One, you may not have a system or device that is capable to run a big or heavy game. The second one is that you may not have enough storage to download or install a huge game to play it.

With cloud gaming, this shouldn’t be a problem. If cloud computing is about working on tasks without the need to store files locally, cloud gaming is of the same principle. Simply put, cloud gaming works by having the game software stored in a server that would be accessed by users. Through this, someone with a smartphone may be able to play PS4 games. Someone with a meringue PC would be able to play heavy PC games like GTA V.

This technology already exists, although it is in the earliest stage of implementation. The system is still buggy and full of flaws; one of the biggest ones is input lag–the delay in the response when you press a button on the controls, causing problems in the gameplay.

Better, more immersive virtual reality

Now, VR is mostly about “seeing” the game world in 360-degrees. Some extra VR accessories make you hold something, walk on something, and even blow winds on you as you play. That is all cool but getting the complete VR experience is not commercially available right now.

Think of fully immersing in the world of the game–with the perspective as if you are in real life. Is it possible? Definitely. With technology, something like that is only a matter of when, and not an if.

Full-blown augmented reality

Right now, the most popular AR game we can give as an example would be Pokémon Go. However, AR is far more than that. With AR, you can have an entire casino room right at the comfort of your home. You can transform an empty room into a battlefield, or you can even bring characters to “life.” Imagine playing card games and bringing the characters of the cards in real life, much like how the game Duel Monsters are played in the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” anime.

Just like virtual reality, playing games in full AR is not too far from being a reality–all it takes is the perfect combination of time, the right people with the passion for it, the resources, and enough time in developing the technology for it.

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