These Countries Have the Most Enthusiastic Esports Fans

While some gaming tournaments were cancelled due to the coronavirus, the esports gaming world is doing just fine. This is because the games can be played indoors. Players have learned that they can play thousands of games, and even make money online. The money is mostly generated by online bets on esports games – the whole industry has made a gambling revenue of about 15 billion USD in 2020. Check out this link if you are looking for the best sites that let you bet and make money on esports.

Esports has evolved through the years and only keeps getting better. In this review, we have covered some of the countries with the most enthusiastic esports fans.

South Korea

Many people, including some US players, think that South Korea is the best esports country in the world. The reason is that this is the country that gave birth to esports. However, South Korea, compared, to other countries, has not been financially strong. But what will never change is that they are extremely innovative. South Korea is the one country that is always present in the esports world.


They have teams in Dota 2, League of Legends, Starcraft II, Rocket League, Hearthstone, CSGO, etc. The esports has dominated the country to the extent that they have some of the best players the world has ever witnessed. They have unique strategies that are both unexpected and highly inspiring. Their mastery of the game makes them some of the best players that the world should keep an eye on.


China is the country with the best esports players in the world and is still going strong. Esports players in China know what needs to be done, and each time they sit down to play, they give their best. Though there have been instances of bad luck, they have always shown the world what they can do.

Note that China has at least 350 million individuals, many of who are both players and fans of esports. They play games such as League of Legends and Dota 2. They also enjoy watching tournaments and games to hone their skills. Therefore, this list would not be complete by stating that China is currently where esports live.

The countries listed above have produced some of the best esports players of all times. China, for instance, has the largest population of players, while US has produced some of the best teams that will go down in history.


The USA is a country with at least 330 million individuals and was compelled to bring some of the best esports players to the global table. It would be wrong to say that they did not over-perform. If we recall seasons 1 and 2 of League of Legends, the US players did amazingly well. Don’t forget that the same league gave birth to “Bay Life.” The players were more than superstars.

The US is also known for a wide range of games, such as Fortnite and Call of Duty. We would definitely spend the whole day talking about the achievements of US players. All we recognize is that they are really good, and are some of the best esports fans and players in the world. Some of the best US teams include Dignitas, EchoFox, Evile Genuises, FaZe Clan, CLG, and Cloud 9.


There is now talking about esports fans without my home country, the Philippines. Amongst the Southeast Asian nations, no one is as vocal as the Philippine esports crowd. Known for the diehard DOTA2 fans, the variety has expanded with CSGO, Valorant and now, Mobile Legends taking on center stage as the most viewed esports in the country. Fans have gone to great lengths to show their love for their esports idols with one case seeing a fan put up a giant ad billboard congratulating OG for their TI championship.

In terms of home grown talents, TNC and Bren hold great distinctions in their respective disciplines as well as notable single competitors like AK and Doujin from PlayBook Esports as well for Tekken, joined by a slew of many other individuals competing for a world title in their games of choice. Pinoy fans rally behind these talents and they make sure the world knows about it.


Denmark is hardly considered one of the best esports countries in the world, but this is a huge mistake. It should be known that Denmark left a huge impact on the esports industry. For instance, Astralis, one of the biggest CSGO powerhouses, is from Denmark. Also, the League of Legends players will forever recall Copenhagen Wolves, which is one of the most influential terms in LCS.

Through the years, Denmark has tried to dominate the world of esports. This is why they are on top regarding the countries with the highest number of esports fans in the world. Though there are only around 1400 players in Denmark, they have earned at least $32 million doing what they love. This is a clear indication that the prizes-to-players ratio is more than simply mind-blowing.


Everyone has some love for Swedish players, especially due to the fact that they are some of the best players in the world. In CSGO, Swedish players are hard to beat because they are good at what they do. Some of the best esports players in Sweden include KRiMZ, Forest, and Olofmeister. For many years, they have shown the world that they are the best pro gamers and deserve to be at the top of the list.

Swedish players don’t only focus on CSGO; they have insane talents, and not including them in this review would be a critical mistake. They have represented their country well and have mad love from their fellow Swedes. It should be noted that DreamHack, one of the biggest esports tournaments, is based in Sweden, so it is not by mistake that they are some of the best players.

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