Going Back in Time: The Best Retro-Themed Online Slot Games

It is safe to say that slot games have stood the test of time, with each iteration bringing in more themes, features, and winning combinations. Even the jackpots and bonus features are all even bigger than before. However, some bettors who have been playing since the old days seem to have a soft spot for retro themes—sevens, bars, and fruit symbols.

A lot of younger players also seem to be cosying up to the simplistic glitz and glamour of old-school slot themes. Filled with a variety of cool graphics and bright colours, these online slots are typically a prominent feature on some casinos found on sites like Most leading software developers are coming up with innovative retro-themed slots now and then. The game has moved from traditional fruit machines to history, arcade games, and more. It is beneficial for players to tell the following slots gems apart from the rest.

Retro Reels

5-reel slots do not get as retro as Retro Reels. As its name suggests, the game takes on an old-style, with classic bars, fruit, and dollar symbols. Microgaming even fitted a uniquely designed board to emulate the one-armed bandit experience. Retro Reels is also available in the mobile casinos, with loads of wild and scatter symbols, as well as multipliers and free spins. You will also even get some authentic arcade game sounds to complete the old-school feel.

Western Belles

When most people imagine the Wild West, they tend to think of cowboys and Mexican standoffs. The Western Belles slot could not have gone any further from that stereotype. Players get to ride out into the American Frontier and get the chance to meet some saucy dames in the 5-reel, 40-payline slot. Western Belles is an excellent take on old movies and some more salacious tastes. The reels are held together with some antique timber, with a background filled with desert plains. You were guaranteed to get some spinning exhilaration as you duck for cover from a burst of bullets.


If you have always wanted to break into a land-based casino vault and come out loaded, you can finally without the risk of getting arrested in the Safecracker slot. The 3-reel, 1-payline slot has a massive jackpot that scrolls across the top of the game screen. An LCD safe cracking setup background adds to the SafeCracker slot’s electric atmosphere. To help you crack the safe and walk away with massive riches is a variety of symbols, including gold keys, banknotes, a lock, a drill, a crowbar, and some explosives. The SafeCracker slot is easy to play, great looking, and filled with prizes. What more could you want?

Reel Rush

Reel Rush is yet another retro-styled slot that will captivate virtually every player from the first spin. The slot machine brilliantly infuses 8-bit computer game graphics into a high-res video slot that is both simple and addictive. You get many chances to win, with lucrative bonus rounds and special free spins. The familiar thumping 8-bit style soundtrack, as well as the mushroom and green pipes background on Reel Rush slot, are bound to get your inner child pumped up. Moreover, a fun theme and easy rules make the game easy to play and even more enjoyable for both newbies and veterans.

Wonder Woman

Linda Carter is back! Most players would imagine Wonder Woman from the new DC Movies superhero. However, this time she dons the red, blue, and white to bring back some nostalgia and a hit of some 70’s funk. The Wonder Woman online slot takes us back in time to the original Amazon who could transform from a plain secretary to the strongest fighting force in a heartbeat. Her knee-high boots, lasso, and magic cuffs all appear in this 5-reel, 40-payline slot. Players also get a winnings boost from expanding wilds and stacked symbols.

Rubik’s Riches

The 80s were the heydays of the Rubik’s Cube. Just as there has been a revival in that era’s books, films, and music, the enigmatic object has made a comeback in the retro Rubik’s Riches slot. If you can solve the puzzle in a few minutes, that is all well and fine, but it might not be of any help, as lady luck has the final say in online slots. Maybe we all always pine for the good old days, but one thing is for sure—Rubik’s Riches does not skimp on features. The slot has both a fun bonus round and free spins up for grabs

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