Unranked Smurfs: Why You Should Consider Buying These League Accounts

When looking to buy League accounts, you should consider buying unranked Smurfs. A smurf is basically a League of Legends account that is of a lower level or ranking than your main League account.

If you want to play League of Legends, you need to create a League of Legends account. You can level up your game play by leveling up your account, or you can buy league accounts. You can then play the game by using these accounts.

While you can find LOL accounts for sale at all levels, you can even buy level 30 league accounts, you may also find and buy accounts at lower levels.

If the league accounts for sale are of a lower level than your main account, you are looking at unranked Smurfs.

You might be wondering, why anyone would want to buy League of Legends accounts at a low level. Isn’t the point of League of Legends to rank up, so wouldn’t you want to buy an account that is of a higher level than your current account?

While there are a lot of people who choose to buy high ranked League of Legends accounts, there are still a lot of people who want to buy lower-leveled accounts or, unranked Smurfs. In this post, we’re going to look into why.

What does it mean to buy an “Unranked Smurf”?

Before we discuss why people want to buy Smurf accounts, let’s look into how the term became so ubiquitous in the gaming community. It kind of explains the point of Smurf accounts.

Gamers first started using the term “smurf” back in 1996, when Warcraft 2 was the hottest online game around.

It originated when the pro players known as Shlonglor and Warp could no longer find opponents because people were reluctant to go against these high ranked players. So, what they did is, they created new accounts under the names “Papa Smurf” and “Smurfette”. These new accounts were at low levels so other players felt comfortable challenging them.

Since then, the term “smurf” in gaming means to play as a lower ranked or unranked level then you really are. The main reason for playing as a Smurf remains the same, to ensure that you are always able to find people to play against.

Why buy LOL Smurf accounts?

There are two main reasons to buy an LOL account of a lower level than your main account.

The first would be if you want to “relax” while playing LOL. If you are of a high rank, it can be extremely competitive to play League of Legends. Every battle becomes one you MUST win; otherwise you will see your ranking going down.

While building up your rank is kind of the point of the game, sometimes you want to just play the game without the pressure of having to WIN the game.

Playing as an unranked Smurf will give you a little break from the competitive and serious nature of LOL, allowing you to play just for “fun”. However, since you are not using your main account, the fact that you are not playing to win, will not impact your ranking.

Another reason to buy an unranked Smurf account on League of Legends is it allows you to play with friends and family who are only at a beginner level.

If you want to play with people who are just learning, it might be better to buy a League account to do so. If you don’t, your high ranking might end up putting both you and your lower ranked friends in a situation that they are not prepared for.

If you play with beginners as an unranked Smurf, you will be able to play against enemies of a lower rank – which are better suited to beginners. This will allow you to coach them and show them the basics without worrying about what losing this level will do to your rank. It will also allow them to enjoy the game and learning how to player which they might not if they were forced to play at your level.

A third reason to buy a League account of a lower level than your main account is if you just want to play around and try on a new role or champion. If you don’t want possible loses or fumbles that might happen as you try to get the “hang of” a new role or champion to affect your ranking, buying another LOL account can help.

With your new LOL account, you basically have a fresh start to “try on” new roles and things without impacting the reputation and the rank that you’ve already worked so hard to quire.

Lastly, buying an unranked Smurf account allows you to play in different regions. If, for example, you are in the US but want to play against players in the EU, you can find a LOL account for sale that was made in that region, which will allow you to play as a “smurf” in that region.

In this case, being a Smurf then, opens you up to a whole new world of challenges as you can now play with a different set of players.

Does League of Legends allow Smurfs?

You might be wondering if “smurfing” is allowed on League of Legends, after all, isn’t misrepresenting yourself a form of cheating?

The answer to that is that it depends. While buying unranked Smurfs is looked down on in some gaming circles, in League of Legends, it depends on why you are playing as a Smurf.

If you have bought a Smurf account because your are seeking to “crush” or “bully” lower ranked players, then you could be reported to Riot games and you could be banned.

If, however, you are playing “fairly” as a lower ranked Smurf, say with friends and family. Or because you just want to unwind and are not playing as “competitively” as your original level and skill might entail, then you can probably get away as playing as a Smurf.

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