Best Ways to Make Money While Playing Video Games

Video games are currently one of the main forms of entertainment in the world, many people devote much of their time to video games, and some also spend large amounts of money on them. This is due to the need for some players to stand out in their video games by obtaining unique benefits that only a few players possess.

All video games try to create individual competition between their players. Thanks to this fact, a large number of other players take advantage of the monetary influence that video games have in order to obtain monetary gains through them.

Having said all this below are three of the most effective methods to earn money through video games.

Exchange virtual money from some MMORPG and exchange it for real money

This method is often used in popular MMORPGs such as RuneScape or Final Fantasy XIV, where RS gold, FFXIV gil or game resources serve as improvements for players and help them level up, for that precise reason, this virtual money is in great demand among players who want to position themselves quickly without doing boring activities.

These activities are known as farming and almost always consist of trying to fulfill missions, kill monsters, extract minerals, sow and harvest food. One of those tasks will be enough to earn a lot of money from the game; the important thing is to do it constantly. It is an extremely tedious activity because you have to do the same thing over and over again to accumulate the desired money or resources, but it is quite easy for anyone. Subsequently you must sell the virtual money obtained in exchange for real money, these sales can be made on various websites, or in the game itself.

This is the method used by most, as it does not require any specific skill, just patience. For that reason, it is normal to find a lot of pages that are dedicated to sell and buy money from various video games, such as the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, where many players need large amounts of “Gil” (the money of this game), but do not want to bother to last hours making a repeated option to get it, to save this opt to buy FFXIV gil through the websites previously mentioned specialized in this task. In addition to FFXIV, another large amount of MMORPG has a high demand from people who would spend their real money to get large amounts of virtual money.

Selling precious items to other players

This is one of the most recommended options for talented players or experienced in any online video game, thanks to the fact that they have high chances of getting many valuable items that few players can find, so they are very coveted in the market.

These items can be sold on websites like, or within the game itself. The items can be armor, spells, materials, clothing, weapons, shields, memberships, houses, among many others.

This method is highly effective in the video games MMO, MMORPG or MOBAS quite popular, as League of Legends, DOTA, World of Warcraft, among others.

Selling advanced accounts

Although it is often difficult to sell an entire account of a video game, it is a fairly common practice, but does not really represent a profit that corresponds to all the time invested, but if it is done correctly and you try to enjoy, you can get certain profits for hours of entertainment.

To perform this method correctly, it is recommended to create a neutral email account, dedicated exclusively to this video game. It is also ideal to start playing and advance shortly after the game has been released, this will help you to be one of the first players to reach high levels.

When you develop an attractive account with a high demand, it can be sold with their respective email. The games where you can take advantage of this method are those quite popular and competitive, where the time invested is more valuable than money.

Having said all this, those were some methods that undoubtedly managed to provide them with real monetary gains just by playing some video games. It is important to point out that these methods require a lot of dedication to get the most out of them, so this task is only recommended for those who are really entertained with video games, regardless of whether it is just a repetitive and monotonous task, although it is also important to try to see this as a productive form of entertainment.

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