Handy Tips For Newbies Willing To Commence Their Anime Gaming Career

Anime is a Japanese style of movies and TV shows where the word anime is a short-form for animation. There is a wide variety of engaging anime games available for PC and Android devices that you can enjoy. Project QT is one such amazing anime game where the sexy team squad has taken upon their shoulders the responsibility of sweeping a deadly virus out of their world.

With the first anime game being released in 1986, the Japanese Animation Industry has only grown in popularity. If you have just stepped into the world of anime games, here is an ultimate guide for you, along with some handy tips to enhance your gaming experience.

What are anime games all about?

Most of the anime games are inspired by anime TV shows and movies. Also, there are several anime shows that are inspired by creative anime games. You are going to see a lot of action in anime games. There will be stunning set-ups with detailed animated characters and backgrounds. Another thing peculiar to anime is the unique plot along which the game progresses.

The protagonist usually narrates a story that can be emotionally moving.  Several anime games feature ultra-detailed character customization tools that you can use to change the height, skin color, hairstyle, costume, gear, or weapons of your character.

They can even include side-quests and puzzle-solving sequences where you have to solve a puzzle to escape a particular situation or just to earn some extra points.

What are some popular genres?

●       Action

Action anime games include several sub-genres to bring out creative battle and combat games. They can consist of platform battles, first-person shooters, and other fighting games. Generally, they have a simple plot without any excessive detailing or interaction with non-player characters.

●       Romance

A massive variety of romance anime games cater to the female demographic, where the female protagonist goes on revealing information about several men to find a romantic partner for herself. These genres of games can also be dating sims, where both the male and female protagonists get equal participation in the romantic game.

●       Horror

Horror anime games can be extremely thrilling and scary. The experiences with bloody corpses and hungry ghosts as you try to escape haunted buildings and houses can be chilling and disturbing at times. Some sequences can be even hard to bear, where you have to deal with your own family members to save yourself from humans under the control of creepy spirits.

●       Sci-Fi

A majority of sci-fi anime game stories are accounts of the future involving futuristic robotic designs and ultra-modern equipment and weapons. They can take you on a ride through the universe where you have to battle with opponent ships to reach your planet safely.

●       Mystery

Mystery anime games are generally murder mysteries that you have to solve while being in the character of a detective or just someone who has been blamed for or affected by the killings happening around the town. Mystery anime games involve a lot of puzzle-solving sequencing that you have to clear to unravel mysteries.

Handy tips for beginners

●       Know your characters

Anime games involve dynamic characters with excellent fighting and combat skills. Depending on the genre of the game, the characters can even possess supernatural or magical powers. Before you begin with intense battles, it is essential that you get familiar with most of the skills that your character possesses so that you can use them whenever needed.

●       Master the basic fighting skills

A deadly warrior is not the one who has practiced a hundred combat skills at least once, but the one who has practiced at least one combat skill a hundred times. Therefore, you must master the basic fighting skills and then move on with equipping more advanced techniques.

●       Block your opponents

This is an essential fighting tip applicable to most of the combats. When you are not doing anything, just block your opponent. It will help you to prevent attacks from your opponent and even negate them. Sometimes, you can also leverage your opponent’s hits for your win if you manage to block him or her.

●       Play side-quests

Most anime games include a lot of side-quests and puzzles for you to solve. They are a great way to engage yourself and earn some extra points. Some side-quests are also useful in unlocking newer skills and costumes.

●       Don’t charge

When you are in combat, each second counts. A lot of times, charging can be really time-consuming. Therefore, try to avoid charging. However, you can charge yourself in between the time when you knock your opponent down, and he/she gets back into action.

●       Equip a variety of skills

Anime game characters usually possess a variety of skills, suitable for different combat situations, that you have to unlock to be able to use them. Once you unlock an ability, you can make further upgradations in it as you earn more points. A handy tip is to equip a variety of skills rather than spending a large sum of points on upgrading one skill.

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