How to Find The Best Online Casinos in Canada

One of the fastest and most-patronized markets worldwide is the online casino industry. It is recorded that new online casinos open every day, and it can be hard for players to know which one is safe and reliable. The online casino industry in Canada is no different.

In Canada, or anywhere globally, a novice player or an ordinary gambler may not have the right judgment in selecting the right online gambling platform. Do not allow scammers to ruin your fun and take away your hard-earned money in just a snap. The first step of a smart online casino player is to find the best online casino in Canada, and that’s where we’ll focus.

We’ll check the elements of online casinos in Canada and figure out what makes them legit, secure, and at the same time, fun. With careful research on sites like see details, reading online reviews, and years of experience playing the best Canadian online casinos, here is my guide:

Game Selection

It is a given that online casinos in Canada will have games. But a wise casino player knows how to distinguish the best online casino by looking at the quality, quantity, and software providers of the game selection.

You will know if you’re in a top-notch online casino platform if there are many games (400 to 3,000 games) to choose from, varying from slot games to live dealers. If an online casino carries the best games from varied and trusted software providers, it is a good signal. They should also have popular online casino games known in Canada and worldwide for offering good real-time payout percentage.

The legitimacy of Bonuses and Free Spins

Online casino enthusiasts are easily fooled by bonuses and free spins, especially in slot games. This is another element to look for when choosing the best online casino. Always check on the legitimacy of bonuses, free spins, and wagering requirements.

To distinguish the best online casino, look for a casino that also is offering free demo versions before you start playing with your real money. This solely reflects the online casino’s customer satisfaction goals over profit. An online casino not offering a free demo version and would want to take your real money right away is a red flag.

If an online casino allows players to play their game for free, this is a great chance to test out which game suits you best, and you can practice playing the game and making bets.

Also, look for bonuses that benefit not only the new players but existing players as well. This only signifies that the online casino is about customer retention and has already established a trusting relationship with happy clients.

To summarize, always find the right combination of fair payouts, reliable reputation, welcome bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, reasonable terms and conditions, and a wide variety of game selections.

Gambling License

For an online casino to legally operate, it should obtain a gambling license duly authorized by Canada’s regulatory board. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission, located outside of Montreal, issues licenses for online gaming casinos.

The online casino platforms with gambling licenses have met the approving body’s standards and rules and is a trustworthy and legal gaming site. With this information on your back pocket, you will avoid getting ripped off by underhand operators.

If you want to be extra secure look for online casinos that have been up running for at least three years, the competition is very tuff, so always a good sign if an online casino has been active for over three years.


Nothing is more reliable than counting on actual customer reviews. The first-hand experience of real players will tell everything about the online gambling platform’s legitimacy or not.

A quick Google search will show independent reviews on which sites are good and if any red flags.

If the online gaming platform has many and nearly only negative reviews from different customers, then think twice. If it has good positive customer reviews, you’re good to go.

Customer Support

We’re not hoping to encounter any issue or difficulty, but this is inevitable. One way to find out if you’re in one of the best online casino platforms is by the availability of customer service support.

So it is recommended to look for online gaming casinos offering live chat customer support or phone support, and of course, with satisfactory customer service ratings. What is the use of a 24/7 customer service if it can’t even help you address your needs?

A reliable online casino must aim for customer satisfaction at all times, and the best way to prove that is through the availability of good customer service.

Privacy Protection

Since online casinos involve real money and disclosing baking details, data protection must be guaranteed. Submitting sensitive information into the system can cause problems, and nobody wants that.

That is why it’s essential to search for an online casino that guarantees data protection and has advanced encryption techniques. It also adds complacent to customers if there is a General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Payment Methods

When looking for the best online casino in Canada, the payment methods must be a significant consideration. Players must be able to cash out their winnings conveniently; otherwise, it wouldn’t make any sense playing. So here are some factors to consider regarding the payment method.

  • Many payment methods choices: A reliable online casino must have varied payment and withdrawing solutions like debit cards, credit cards, e-wallet, PayPal, and more. You’ll know you’re in the best casino if it has many payment options, indicating that they were already in the business for a long time and that many payment channels trusted the site.
  • Accepts and Withdraws Canadian Dollars: Make sure to look for an online casino to accept and withdraw in Canadian dollars. Aside from Visa and Mastercard, the popular e-wallets for online casinos are Neteller and Paypal.
  • Secure payment channels: If you’re the type who does not want to disclose private banking information, it is preferred to choose a good e-wallet. An e-wallet is an online payment channel that enables you to conceal banking information, minimum service fees, and solid-customer privacy protection.
  • Updated payment channels: Lately, the best online casino sites allow you to charge directly to phone bills and top up to prepaid cards. These are hassle-free transactions that facilitate direct bank fund transfers.
  • Withdrawal and deposit limit: Mostly, but not all online casino sites have a withdrawal and deposit limit. The withdrawal or deposit limits are the amounts a player can withdraw or deposit in one or multiple transactions. The withdrawal or deposit limits of online casino sites differ from one another. It can be daily, weekly or monthly limits, depending on what is stated in the terms and conditions. Setting a deposit limit is a protection for the player not to get carried away and to lose too much of their hard-earned money. So if you see an online casino site that has these conditions, it’s entirely secure.


Most Canadians play online casinos on their smartphone, so it is best to look for a mobile-friendly platform. The top and best casino sites ensured that their platform is mobile-friendly, both for iOs and Android users.

A top-notch online casino must have a big game selection that can be played with any mobile device, and must have a seamless graphic design. The player must enjoy all the perks when logged in a desktop or laptop to make the gaming experience satisfactory.

Also, players must be able to make deposits and withdrawal using their mobile phones to make it one of the best online casinos.

Online Casinos in Canada

To give you an idea, here are some basic things you need to know about online casinos in Canada (categorized in main provinces):

  • Alberta: There are no government-owned online casinos in Alberta, so residents usually play in off-shore online casinos. The top off-shore casino sites host online gambling in Alberta. These are mostly licensed by the Curacao Government, Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, and other regulatory bodies outside of Canada. Online slots, table games, and sports betting are available in Alberta. Legal age to gamble: 18
  • British Columbia: Government-owned online casinos and off-shore sites are allowed in British Columbia. The province of British Columbia has more lenient laws when it comes to online casino sites. There are state-owned gambling sites, and residents can also enjoy playing in the top off-shore online casino sites. Legal age to gamble: 19
  • Ontario: Ontario has a government-owned gambling site called operated by the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG). But it doesn’t mean that residents can’t enjoy off-shore casino sites. The government, however, strongly encourages residents to choose a licensed and regulated online casino. Legal age to gamble: 19
  • Quebec: Online casino activity is regulated by the Quebec Gambling Commissions to protect players and online casinos. All online casinos must undergo the standard approval process. Legal age to gamble: 19

Bottom Line

Even if you’re a novice in the online gambling industry, it can be tricky to choose the best online casino site that is safe, legit, and offers the best deals. Even seasoned gamblers get confused with available options.

Just remember to do some research before registering for an account on a website. Always take time to search Google and don’t easily fall for the crappy wagering requirements and too good to be true bonuses.

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