How to Get More Leads on Instagram: 10 Highly Effective Tactics

If you wish to drive sales better, you need to get more leads on Instagram. Some companies overlook the immense potential that this marketing technique has to offer. You can get ahead of your competition if you follow these highly-effective tactics!

  1. Create Instagram Lead Ads

We’ll start off with the tool for generating leads that Instagram offers. As long as you have a Facebook account and an Instagram business profile, you should be able to do this easily.

You will want to create a Facebook page for your company. Next, pick “Lead generation” as the marketing objective of your campaign. Define your audience and select “automatic placements” before setting your bid and choosing an ad format.

End the process by filling up the lead form. From now on, your ads should reach your target audience, and especially those users who have the highest potential of becoming your customers.

  1. Use Action Buttons

You can easily generate more leads on Instagram with action buttons. Depending on the type of business that you represent, you can add buttons that help users make an order or get in touch with your company instantly.

These action buttons can appear on your profile page, and they make it easier for visitors to book a ticket, make a reservation, or purchase a product. Instagram has many providers that help you generate leads through their third-party apps like OpenTable, Resy, or Eventbrite among many others.

  1. Improve Your Bio Page

Many social marketers omit the importance of having a stunning bio page when generating leads through Instagram. However, most people that use Insta do it for the brands that interest them the most. Statistics show that over 200 million Instagram users visit at least one business every day.

You can improve your lead-generating game by having a bio page that speaks directly to your potential customers. Spruce it up a bit by having a short link that redirects to your company’s shop. Make sure that you mention “link in bio” in all of your relevant posts to bring more people to your profile section. As a brand on Instagram, your surrounded by other profiles that offer similar value to consumers. Some have more followers than you, and, unfortunately, it’s often difficult to grow your following organically as a result. Consumers look at their account, see they have a higher following, and choose to follow them instead of you. Many people wants to how to buy instagram followers because buying Instagram followers helps tremendously. It makes your profile look amazing, so Instagram users are more likely to click the follow button. Then, your highly valuable content can keep them there.  Instagram uses an algorithm to determine which brands show up in a user’s news feed. There are many factors that contribute to this, but the number of followers and engagement are among them.  A brand with more followers is more likely to appear in a person’s news feed. Additionally, you can purchase followers that automatically engage on your page. This can send more engagement data to the algorithm, boosting your visibility.

  1. Employ Expert Help

A quick and easy way of generating more leads on Instagram is to employ the help of social media experts. Companies with solid experience in the field like Insta Growing offer the best tools and services for building social proof and increasing brand awareness.

Instead of wasting months or even years with more expensive strategies, you can use this effective tactic of getting more leads through Instagram. Some of the biggest brands use it with great success, and you cannot afford not to make the best of it as well.

  1. Optimize Your Insta Stories

If you have optimized every single aspect of your Instagram profile, but you are still not generating enough leads, there might be one small detail that you have overlooked. We are talking about your Instagram Stories, which may be incredibly efficient in attracting more customers if you optimize them.

Add redirecting links to your IG stories with the simple mention “Swipe up” to lure visitors to your website. For this tactic to work, you will need to come up with compelling Stories and attractive layouts. You will notice the best results when you have more than 5,000 followers.

  1. Upload Posts that Sell

More than 1 billion people use Instagram every month. While some of these users may be on the app just for killing time, others are there to shop. Many customers rely on social media posts to guide their shopping appetite.

If you want to attract a great deal of these potential customers, you will need to make your posts more “shoppable.” Add discount stickers to the products that you promote. Use creative designs and invest time in making viewers believe that they are missing out if they will not purchase something from your shop.

  1. Team Up with an IG Influencer

A simple way of getting more leads on Instagram is to partner up with one of the most influencing profiles in your niche. Look for influencers with a powerful reputation in your industry. Ask them for a commercial collaboration that would benefit you both.

Through this cost-effective tactic, you can reach an audience that may not know about your business yet. At the same time, the influencer gets more followers from your following list. So, everyone gains something from it.

  1. Run Contest on Your Page

One of the easiest ways of improving your business online presence is to appeal to your followers with contests. Instagram users respond positively to rewards, especially when they are very easy to obtain.

You can generate more leads on Instagram by offering a discount for one of your products or services. To win it, your followers only need to comment on a post or on your Insta Story. Alternatively, they can win the big prize by sharing one of your posts or tagging one of their friends. This way, you gain more potential customers in the long run.

  1. Engage with Your Audience

Take the time to engage with your followers on Instagram. Promoting a brand on social media is often time-consuming, especially if you do not choose to employ the help of experts. For this reason, you may lose touch with all the people that comment on your posts.

Your best choice is to reply to all the users that leave relevant comments or likes on your Instagram photos and videos. In your replies, you can ask them to visit your company’s website for more information, thus generating more leads.

  1. Share User-Generated Content

Last, but not least, to appease to your followers, you can post some of their content on your page from time to time.

Many Instagram users like to tag famous brands in their posts. Choose from those that tag your brand the profiles that have the most followers. Repost their content on your page to increase their loyalty and reach the people in their following lists as well.

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