Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Tips & Tricks

This year brings us new games quite fast, and it’s not like you don’t want that, maybe you’re actually wondering what to play next. Shooters, MMORPGs, the old arcade games, you all know them. But for sure you want to try something new, right? Here is the game for you, newly added to the gaming world.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a magical adventure full of dangerous quests and nasty monsters. In this game you help a little ghost find his owl friend Ku. The classic Metroidvania for PC and Xbox One is packed with various quests, tricky puzzles and lots of monsters that want to get you on the collar.

How do I save the game in Ori and the Will of the Wisps?

Manual saving is only possible in ghost portals. Ori and the Will of the Wisps will automatically save your progress. If you end up in an unfavorable environment, such as a hidden cave, from which you can no longer get out – don’t worry! The game creates up to ten back-up saves in a game in relatively short periods of time.


What are ghost fragments and where can I find them?

Ghost Shards equip Ori with new properties and abilities. Some of these are automatically mastered by the little ghost, others have to be assigned to him. You can activate a total of three attack skills at the same time using the ability wheel.

You can find ghost fragments and abilities in hidden places or when you absorb the light from energy trees. Some offer the dealers Opher and Twillen for sale or you get them as a reward.

Jump, swim and swing with Ori through Niwen

Ori learns a lot as the game progresses. Skills like “sprinting and digging” or “thrusting and hooking” are permanently available to you. You do not have to equip them like other ghost shards and they are assigned fixed keys.

If you press the sprint key several times in succession, Ori rolls quickly along the floor. It’s also great for dodging opponents. If you push them in the air – for example after a long jump combination – you will also reach far-away levels. If you jump on sand and press the sprint key when landing, Ori digs into it. Use the directional buttons to move it around. Hold down the sprint button to speed up and jump as you leave the sand so Ori throws itself up in the air. You can also use this ability with the hanging sandbags.

With the throwing hook you can hook yourself onto blue plants and repel green lanterns. When you are within range, a blue circle appears on the plant. Press the hook/push button and Ori pulls himself to his destination. If you jump onto a green lantern, an opponent or a projectile, hold down the same button. A white arrow appears, which you can turn in any direction. Release the button and Ori pushes off. You can also use it to direct projectiles into fragile walls or to knock enemies into deadly spikes.

If you dive with Ori, a white air bar appears above his head. With the Sprint button you swim faster. You can only enter the waters in Niwen safely if you have driven away the putrefaction from the fountain.

The main NPCs in Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Opher trades with different abilities and weapons. With him you get for example the ghost stroke or the ability to breathe underwater. Twillen sells and refines ghost shards. You unlock some of his improvements only during gameplay before you can buy them. He is also an expert in gemstones. If you find a rough diamond, bring it to Twillen. At Lupo you get the cards of the respective game sections in which you can find him. Once you have rinsed the water, you can visit him in his house in the fountain spring clearing. You can find Lupo’s house by jumping from the bridge next to Tokk, swimming to the right and appearing in the second underwater cave. There he offers you improvements that reveal ghost shards, energy and life cells on the cards.

The friendly bird Tokk appears like Lupo, Twillen and Opher in various places in Niwen. You also meet the Moki again and again. Tokk and the little forest dwellers help you with clues or offer you side quests.

Grom sets up the clearing and keeps buildings in good condition. Bring him Gorlek Ores and he will repair, among other things, a destroyed ghost portal for you. Motay shows you all your stats and Tuley is responsible for reforesting the clearing. If you find unusual seeds, bring them to him.

With these items you keep Ori fit

In Niwen you will find various items that you need to survive. Ori has two status indicators: a green bar for health and a blue bar for energy. For both bars there are blue and green balls for restoration. You can find them in green hanging fruits and blue crystals. If you have the ghost shard “Regeneration”, Ori can use energy to replenish his life force. If you find two fragments of a life or energy cell, the respective value increases permanently by one point.

Ghost lights are the currency in Niwen. You trade them in at the dealers Opher, Twillen and Lupo for new skills, properties or improvements. Small and large ghost light vessels can be found in hidden places, in sand or water. They often serve as a reward in quests.

Defeated enemies drop small amounts of ghost lights, energy and health balls. Ori automatically attracts these balls with the ghost splinter “Magnet”. You can let Twillen improve the range.

Fast travel, ghost races and battle shrines

You can only open ghost gates if you find the corresponding keystones. They are always hidden in the vicinity of the gates. You save the game on ghost portals and recharge your health and energy at the same time. In addition, you can travel back and forth between previously discovered portals. If you find the start and end point of a ghost test, you can run a ghost race . In ghost races, you compete against other real players in a temporary race. The spirit of the fastest racer is projected into your race. The high score and your placement will be shown at the beginning and end of the race. Memorize the route well, you will receive a juicy ghost light reward for a win.

If you find a battle shrine in Ori and the Will of the Wisps, you compete against a variety of opponents. In several rounds you will encounter waves of monsters that are characteristic of the respective map area. If you defeat them all in one go, you will be rewarded with a ghost shard. Activate a battle shrine several times. You will receive ghost lights for each further successful run.


Adding fantastic creatures as characters, instead of humans, in a game is always a plus, people love seeing dragons, elves and different kinds of beasts inside a game, it makes the game more fascinating. It’s a surprise that most game providers find themselves adding fantastic creatures in different types of games, you can even spot incredible creatures in a UK Online Casino or in card games. Regardless of the type of game, depicting mythical beasts is a sign of a colourful and enchanting imagination, which will give game providers the possibility of developing new characters to make their game flawless and interesting.

This is a good reason why Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a fascinating game thanks to its beautiful graphics, dynamic environment and well-done characters, so it’s impossible to not fall in love with it. Also, it’s not that difficult to play, the quests keep you pumped and the interactions with the NPCs and the environment enchant you from the first movements. Everyone hopes that this game will continue to be updated and worked on, because it deserves even more chapters and new gameplays, with new characters.

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