Safest Way to Record & Share Xbox One Clips

Did you know that Xbox One now has a screen capturing & recording interface that can by-default record a 30 second video of any game play? Lately, I have come across this question “How to share Xbox videos safely and which is the best app to record game plays?” in a lot of forums. So here, we are going to discuss about how you can capture, import and export game clips or media files from Xbox One safely. This is a new feature rolled out as an update for Xbox in late 2019.

Note: The default video file format of Xbox is MP4 and is saved as a 720p resolution with 30 FPS. However, it supports all major video file formats and codecs while streaming on Xbox media player.

How to Take a Screenshot or Record Game Clips?

  • Screenshot

While playing any game, just double-click the Xbox button present on the centre of the controller. When the menu appears, press Y to take Screenshot.

  • Screen Record:

It is as same as taking a screenshot but the only difference is that you need to press X to record the last 30 seconds of the game play.

Note: Screenshot or Screen Record cannot be taken when you are in the Xbox Dashboard interface.

How to Record Longer Game play Clips?

Game DVR is the app for Xbox platform that lets you record 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes or 5 minutes i.e. the maximum duration of recording a game clip on Xbox.

Install Game DVR on your Xbox console and double-click the Xbox button on the controller. Select Snap an app and click on Game DVR.

Note:  Any clip recorded with Game DVR app are stored temporarily and they get deleted after a period. To save those clips permanently follow the steps given below.

Step 1:  Click on View all captures from the DVR side menu and select the clip that you want to save.

Step 2:  Click Menu button on the controller and then select Save.

How to Share or Export Xbox Clips?

The drawback of Xbox consoles is that the videos or media files cannot be copied to a pen drive or any storage device directly. They must be uploaded on OneDrive to access them from any other device. Read the below-mentioned method to safely export or edit your Xbox videos.

Step 1:  Press the Xbox button on the controller to select Apps from the side menu and click on Game DVR icon to launch it.

Step 2:  Hover on the video, tap the Menu button on the controller and select Edit.

Note: The system might prompt you to download an app (Upload Studio) from the store or if you already have the app, the clip will open in another window.

Once the video is uploaded, you can access it from any device by opening OneDrive and downloading it on the local storage. However, you cannot upload multiple videos to OneDrive from your Xbox console. You must wait until a single video is completely uploaded. Trying to upload a clip when there is already a clip in queue will override the existing upload clip and leads to a corrupt and inaccessible video.

If you happen to encounter such kind of videos on your OneDrive, download the clip to the system and use a professional video repair tool like Remo Repair Tool. I personally suggest this software as this is an award-winning tool that is known for fixing videos in just 3 clicks. This makes it easier even for the most novice user to fix corrupt MOV video files using Remo Repair and access Xbox recorded clips again.


With the above-mentioned write-up, you should have safely exported the videos and even if things go sideways, you can always rely on a professional video repair tool. However, Microsoft is improving the UI of the upcoming and present Xbox consoles so let’s hope that they come up with an easier way to export and share videos from Xbox.

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