Top 5 Mechanical Keyboards Under Php 3,000

The experience of having your first mechanical keyboard is somehow similar to that of switching to a 144Hz gaming monitor from 60Hz. It’s something that you can simply just go back from once you get used to it. That said, having a 144Hz monitor or a CherryMX mechanical keyboard is just expensive for some gamers considering that having either one of them won’t boost your PC’s performance. However, both a 144hz monitor and a mechanical keyboard improves the overall gaming experience that will further immerse you to the game. So if you’re planning to try out a budget mechanical keyboard, here is our top 5 mechanical keyboard picks under 3k:

Selection Criteria

  • No “hybrid mechanical” / “semi mechanical” / “memchanical” keyboards
  • Products must be available nationwide in-stores
  • Online / eCommerce exclusive products(Lazada, banggood, shopee, aliexpress etc) not considered.

1. RAKK Kimat XT.2

Top 5 MKB under 3k – Rakk Kimat XT.2

First in our list is the tried and tested Kimat XT.2 Mechanical keyboard. Rakk, despite just being a local brand listen to its consumers with their feedbacks and requests with every release of their mechanical keyboards. For just Php 2,695 you’ll be getting an RGB mechanical keyboard with Gateron switches. In our review, Rakk XT.2 exceeds our expectation for a value keyboard as it offers a ton of features and an outstanding build quality for its price. Its unique ninja/side printed keycaps sets it apart from other budget mechanical keyboards, not to mention its overall look that frays away from the generic 104 key slim layout. That said, the Rakk Kimat XT.2 is our go-to recommendation for a starter mechanical keyboard. Read our full review of the Kimat XT.2 here.

2. Tecware Phantom RGB

Top 5 MKB under 3k – Tecware Phantom

Next on our list is the sleek yet budget friendly mechanical keyboard from Tecware, the Phantom RGB. This keyboard is loved by many due to its minimalist design and low price of only Php 2,250. It uses Outemu switches with Blue, Red and brown variants. Moreover, the Phantom has a TKL variant that retails for only Php 2,070.

3. Cooler Master CK350

Top 5 MKB under 3k – Cooler Master CK350

Cooler Master just released the CK350, a budget RGB mechanical keyboard. While most global brands only have an RGB mem-chanical or a membrane keyboard for this price, Cooler Master is able to compete in the budget segment with a full-fledged mechanical keyboard. Although it’s not stated what switch they are using to achieve this price point. Despite not having a dedicated RGB software, the CK350 uses on-board memory to store 13 lighting effects.The CK350 is available in red, brown or blue switches priced at Php 2,980.

4. Redragon Yama K550 RGB

Top 5 MKB under 3k – Redragon Yama K550

Redragon is Amazon’s best selling brand for budget mechanical keyboards. They have a wide range of mechanical keyboards with varying design, build, form factor and switch availability. One of the products that caught our attention is the Yama K550 RGB. It barely fits our price criteria by being priced at exactly Php 3,000 as it is the most expensive keyboard in our list. Despite being the most expensive, it’s also the most feature-packed MKB in our list. It has dedicated media keys, macro keys, and even a dedicated volume wheel. It is available in either Outemu Red or Outemu Purple. Now a purple switch is not the type of switch that you’d find on a mass produced keyboard, let alone in this price range. And as a bonus, it comes with a wrist rest for comfort.

5. Rakk Ilis

Top 5 MKB under 3k – Rakk Ilis

Rakk takes another spot with their Ilis mechanical keyboard. It sports Gateron switches like its bigger brother. Instead of the usual switch colors, the Ilis comes with either a soldered Gateron Yellow switch or a
hot-swappable Gateron blue switch. Moreover, the Ilis has a 90% layout where its numpad area can also act as your arrow keys. Compared to TKL mechanical keyboards, the Rakk Ilis is just 1 row more than a standard TKL meaning you’ll still be saving a lot of desk space for your mouse without sacrificing the functionality of a full 104 keyboard. As an added bonus, the Rakk Ilis has a removable top cover that changes it looks entirely. You can mod the cover to any style you like to make it your own. Or if you prefer a minimalist look like the Tecware Phantom, you can just take off the cover entirely. Check out our review of the Rakk Ilis here. The Rakk Ilis is only priced at Php 1,995 for the Outemu Blue variant and Php 2,395 for the Gateron Yellow variant.

Notable Mentions

  • Kimat XT.LE RGB
  • Fantech MK882 RGB TKL

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