Upgrades for Your Streaming Setup

Streaming has become the huge craze amongst gaming enthusiasts, where content creation on platforms such as YouTube were once the dream of the youngsters, becoming a big streamer on platforms such as Twitch have become the new dream – huge deals signed by talents such as Shroud and Ninja have certainly helped the belief of the viability too as multi-million dollar deals have started to take place.

Before considering a new streaming setup, the first port of call will often be deciding on what you’ll end up streaming – the rise of esports and supporting platforms such as those found at have led to growing popularity in the games that populate the esports scene, but there has been a recent shift toward variety gaming too as titles such as Among Us have allowed these variety streamers to grow much larger than previously – so with the consideration of streaming, what should you pick up for your newer build?

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Capture card – One of the more common solutions for streamers is to have two different PC’s – one used for the gaming, and the other used to handle the streaming – this lightens the load and reduces any performance hit, but does require a bit of a unique set-up. If you’re only streaming from one system, you’ll only need to rely on the software that is often used, but if you’re using a two-system set-up you may need to invest in a capture card to allow the second system to communicate with the first. These are getting a bit cheaper, and haven’t changed so much in the last few years, so you maybe able to find a bargain.

Stream deck – One of the bigger stream partners of Elgato had introduced the stream deck a number of years ago to make the transitioning of scenes and enabling certain niches of streaming much easier, if you’re looking to step up your game, small hardware like this may be the next step forward for you. These additional expenses may seem difficult for some, after all as an upgrade you won’t see any performance increase, but can often help to serve as the difference to set you apart from others who may be in a similar situation or space to you.

Other peripherals – The world of streaming has also led to an increase in other peripherals related to streaming that may serve as a big upgrade for you too – lighting rings and background lighting are often expensive but can transform your setup, greenscreens have become common to help certain streamers evolve their production such as big names like Dr Disrespect, and if you’re looking for another avenue to step up your game, an investment here may help. Although with additional equipment such as this needs a plan in place to effectively use it, a bigger investment requires the adequate time to set-up and effectively use it as without doing so can leave you in a spot of bother trying to scramble to launch your channel whilst making adjustments on the fly.

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