YouTube Niches that are Profitable in 2020

The next step after you decide to create a YouTube channel is the niche that interests you. If you pick the right niche, then you have a high chance that your channel will become successful. The following niches feature videos with the most likes on YouTube, and for this reason, they are the perfect pick for your new channel.

  1. Life Hacks Videos

Life hacks have become extremely popular in recent years. In these videos, viewers find simple ways to improve their lives using everyday material. Some channels even dig into a more specific niche, that of kitchen hacks. The number of subscribers, views, and likes, well justifies your choice to establish your own life hacks channel.

  1. Product Unboxing

If you search for the videos with the most likes on YouTube, you will find that many of the videos are about product unboxing. On these videos, the creators show on camera what is included in the package of a product. An unboxing video can refer to any kind of product, even though it is more usual in technology and gadgets.

  1. Gaming Videos

Gaming videos never fall out of popularity. Many professional gamers live-stream themselves playing a game. An interesting sub-niche is that of horror gaming. The extreme reactions draw viewers and those videos have the most likes on YouTube.

  1. Top x Lists

An easy to watch type of content is that of lists. Many YouTube channels that are dedicated to the creation of various lists are among the most popular channels on the platform. There is no limit to the topic you can choose for a list, from the best movie character to the worst fashion trends.

  1. Fail Compilations

Fail compilations are hilarious and entertaining, and for this reason, they have a huge amount of views. Nowadays, with social media, it has become very easy to find videos for your compilations. Therefore, this is a very good niche to create a YouTube channel.

  1. Cooking Videos

Right now, one of the hottest niches you can pick is cooking. However, it is an extremely competitive scene and so you should choose a sub-niche. A good idea is to create videos with quick recipes using a single ingredient.

  1. Health and Fitness

More and more people are looking for good ways to adopt a healthy life and workout more. This leads them to subscribe and watch many health and fitness videos. You can easily understand this by looking at the videos with the most likes on YouTube. Therefore, if you are passionate about fitness, this is the niche for you.

  1. Video Reactions

A recent trend is the popularity of various channels with reaction videos. This is a very broad niche, so you can pick the sub-niche you want to establish your channel. This will depend on your hobbies and passions. For example, if you are a good singer you can react to music videos and performances.

These types of videos now have the most likes on YouTube. Pick one of them and create an awesome channel that will attract a big audience.

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