What Team Members You Should Hire to Succeed with IT Project?

As much as you might hate to admit it, you won’t be able to achieve success with your IT project alone; it’s tempting to try and be every position possible, perhaps in order to save money, or to try and prove something to yourself, but it’s not worth it. You need to hire the right people for the necessary roles, and create talented and dedicated teams that will be advantageous for your project. Let’s have a closer look at how many people you should hire to start an IT project to help to have the best chance of success.

  1. Project Manager

A project manger is essential, without a great one you could be failing early on. A project manager is responsible for so many aspects of the project, from planning, controlling, monitoring, and carrying out key parts.

They are there at the beginning, and will see the project through everything bump until the very end. Being accountable for so many aspects of the project, the tasks, and the team involved, means that you really have to hire an experienced and trusted manager in order for things to go well; the wrong Project Manager can be your downfall.

  1. Developers

Next, you need to hire developers, depending on type of project, you might need a mobile developer, PHP developer, net developer, game developer, web developer for the website design, software developer, or a myriad of other types. To hire developers or development team takes a lot of time, finding them, checking their credentials, interviewing, and so on can take weeks, if not months of searching to find the ones that best suit your project and needs.

However, this is where outsourcing comes in handy – using an offshore development center such as Qubit Labs will save you all the stress as they’ll do all the work for you. Qubit Labs is there to hire the best developers for your needs, at the best price. Having a new project or starter means you probably have a tighter budget at the start, but using Qubit Labs can find you the workers you need, while still fitting your budget.

  1. Marketing Specialists

Think of jobs roles such as a Content Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, or someone who works in Search Engine Optimization, these are all the types of people you will need to hire – of course, the amount of people you will need for this department will depend entirely on the nature of your project, but if sales are involved in any way, then you will need one at an absolute minimum.

Without content creators, social media managers, or search engine optimizers, no one will know about your project, and you will fail quickly with no sales and no exposure.

  1. QA Manager

You want to be sure that the quality of your project, services, or goods are the highest possible all the time, you don’t want customers to slip through the net, or get a negative reputation from poor quality standards.

However, you can’t be checking the quality all the time, you have your own job to focus on and it’s far too much work. Having a Quality Assurance Manager will mean there is a dedicated person on hand at all times to check the quality, and deal with in-house standards and procedures.

  1. Sales Manager

Without a Sales Manager you will most likely never achieve the kind of sales that you are hoping for. As well as salespeople, you need a manager to come up with new sales strategies and plans, as well as implementing them. The manager needs to motivate the team, keep them focused, offer help, lead by example, design sales techniques that play to the teams strengths, generate leads, build rapport with potential clients, and generally ensure they’re doing everything possible to help the success of the IT project.

Just having a new IT project is already overwhelming, so dealing with hiring the right people to put together your dedicated teams can be too much work. However, if you’re struggling with the workload, using an offshore development center and outsourcing the hiring process will save you a lot of time, worry, and sleepless nights; it’s refreshing to have such a weight taken from you.

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