ASRock Enables Overclocking Non-Z Motherboards with Non-K Processors

Bad boy ASRock is at it again, enabling overclocking, to some extent, on non-Z motherboards and with non-K processors. Historically, Intel has limited overclocking to their Z-series motheboards (ex. Z270, Z390, Z490) and even that requires K unlocked processors like the 9900K and 9700K etc. Upcoming chips like the i9-10900K, i7-10700K, etc will also be unlocked but need Z boards. ASRock is announcing their new technology for Intel 400 series boards that will allow non-K CPUs to overclock on non-Z boards.

Asrock is debuting Base Frequency Boost Technology on their newer 400 series boards. Base Frequency Boost (BFB) allows ASRock boards to lift TDP from 65W to the higher PL1 state 125W TDP which allows CPUs to reach higher frequencies. Of course with the added clocks, this is dependent on cooling and its advised that better cooling than Intel stock fan be used when using BFB.

ASRock has done something similar back when Skylake launched with their SkyOC feature. This was stamped down by Intel eventually but does not stop ASRock for making the BIOS available to public but still limits the company from marketing. SkyOC allowed chips like the i3-6100 to attain higher BCLK than normally is allowed to attain performance much like the new Base Frequency Boost that they are making available for Comet Lake.

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