ASUS Pushes Own Clock Speed Bump Feature with ASUS APE for 10th-Gen Non-K CPUs

Intel hasn’t put the hammer down on  ASRock and their BFB technology to allow non-K 10th-gen CPUs to receive a moderate overclock and it seems like Intel won’t be policing the board makers as ASUS is donning their bad boy cap as well with the debut of the ASUS Performance Enhancement aka APE. Much like BFB, it is reliant on non-K Intel CPUs still having plenty of muscle underneath their rated TDP with APE (and BFB) overriding the Intel PL1 (Power Level 1) which in turn allows the CPUs to achieve their Turbo Boost states on prolonged if not permanent state.

Intel’s B460 motherboards support APE with maximum PL1 override values at 125W  for most of the motherboards in the list below. The exception here is the ROG STRIX B460-F GAMING, which allows a hefty 210W override.


ASUS APE will be available for the listed models via BIOS Update. ASUS’ implementation is more tuned for its target market particularly the non-Z board users with the majority of APE-capable models on the B460 and H470 chipset. This is in contrast to ASRock’s shotgun approach, implementing their BFB on all their 400-series boards and Z390 as well as B365. It is worth noting that this is not a full-featured overclocking feature and while Intel seems to be relaxed in allowing board makers to implement custom power limits and Tau value  (boost time) non-K processors are still limited by their boost frequency limit thus will give no rewards once past a certain point.

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