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EK Water Blocks Prepping Peltier Cooler

This generation has probably never heard of a Peltier/TEC before but EKWB is here to remind us and give it another try on the enthusiast computing front.

I’ve received messages regarding the latest Linus Tech Tips video wherein the video shoes an Intel Core i9 10900K running at 5.4Ghz with a 360mm radiator custom loop. While this in itself isn’t impossible, 2 things about this video stood out for most viewers: 1) the drastically low temperatures the CPU cores had and 2) and oddly censored piece of hardware that was teased a bit more by the end of the video.

Now 5.4Ghz 10900Ks are rare but they’re not impossible to find but even moreso doable if you have relatively good cooler in hand. Liquid cooling can only go so much but to really make temps go low, there’s always LN2 but for a more usable setup, there’s either chilled water or a Peltier cooler.

TechPowerUp pointed out that the LTT video shows the block connected via PCIe power as well as the entire system using a 1600w power supply, most users will be swayed to believe that is for the graphics card but thermoelectric cooler (TEC) requires substantially vast amounts of power as well as requiring a very complex cooling setup for the heating side of the block itself.

The LTT video shows a large block made by EKWB. Linus noted in the video it doesn’t have an orientation so it could suggest that EKWB designed the cold plate to let water just run on top of the heating side and be dissipated by the liquid loop. Power draw wasn’t stated in the video but the CPU temperature does show very, very cold results .

If EKWB has managed to provide a highly compatible TEC cooler, the only question that remains is the price and how much power it consumers

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