Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Limited Edition Comes With A Sweet Pouch and More

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Let’s get something out of the way first. I’m not this site’s resident Monster Hunter nut, but I can surely see the appeal of the series, it’s just that I’ve been on the fence about jumping into it for the longest time. Now, before you all go “Yeah, so why isn’t Haoson writing this?” let me tell you that he’s seriously freaking out and/or mulling over importing the bundle as of this writing. And so, the task of writing about it has been passed on to me. Now, back to business.

A limited edition for Capcom’s Monster Hunter Portable 3rd was reported on by Siliconera recently. The package includes a copy of the game, the requisite sweet collector-themed packaging, and Jinouga-themed items. The items in question are a pair of earbuds and a stylish black pouch. Jinouga, for those who just tuned in, is the poster monster for the latest game. The proverbial cherry on this awesome cake is the little Felyne Daruma cellphone charm.

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The MHP3rd bundle comes by way of e-Capcom for a hefty, but most likely worthy price of 7,800 yen, or about $93. Well, roughly Php 4400, according to today’s exchange rates. A bundle without the pouch comes without comes 5,800 yen ($70). The game will be officially released in Japan on December 1st. No official confirmation on a Western release date yet, but we should probably have some more details soon, especially with TGS just right around the corner.

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