Next-Gen NVIDIA Ampere Memory Specs Confirmed by Micron, 12GB [email protected]/s Bandwidth

During a briefing earlier this week, Micron may have just confirmed specific details about NVIDIA upcoming launch and may have ruined some of the surprise for their upcoming announcement at the end of the month.

In the brief, Micron lists under ultra-bandwidth solutions under the GDDR6X column theĀ RTX 3090. The spec sheet goes on to detail that the card will have 12GB of GDDR6X memory provided via 12 memory chipsĀ  with a 384-bit bus. Earlier today, leaks of the RTX 3090 PCB surfaced online as well (images below) which shows 11 of these on the presumed PCB of the RTX 3090. With 12 though, this gives the card approximately 1000GB/s of memory bandwidth.


The brief also highlights that Micron is expects the GDDR6X technology to allow up to 16Gb (2GB) density memory chips with 24Gbps of bandwidth by 2021.

It could be possible the Micron is just predicting a product model so this may not be 100% although the referring document seems to have been pulled from Micron’s library.

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