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NVIDIA RTX 30 Series v2 Chips with Cryptomining Limiter Baked-in New Stocks

Mid-year 2021 restocks of RTX 30 series cards could see a new mining limiter in-place as NVIDIA is reported to be rolling out GPUs that have an Ethereum mining limiter directly on all their GeForce RTX 30 series cards except one

NVIDIA RTX 30 Series v2 Chips with Cryptomining Limiter Baked-in New Stocks -

NVIDIA is reported to be shipping out an updated GAxx2 silicon for the RTX 30 series which would see both resizable BAR and their crypto mining limiter for Ethereum baked-in directly on the GPU.

The report fromVideoCardz source tells that around May, production units of the Ampere chips will have the crypto limiter in-place and will see restocks of RTX 30-series cards arriving in June to have the GPU directly in place. The source also states that NVIDIA has no plans to distinguish the updated GPU and the only distinguishing mark for the updated GPUs are directly on the die label.

The term “Lite Hash Rate” is being used between the board partners to distinguish the new chips from existing ones. NVIDIA has been clear no gaming performance impact will occur and the GPUs will operate as normal in general applications and games.

Supply is expected to improve further once LHR is in place. NVIDIA’s previous botch of the RTX 3060 has pushed the company to go further than a software limiter.

Lastly, sources have stated the RTX 3090 may be the only card not receiving a mining limiter due to the sheer price of the graphics card. The RTX 3090 will still have a V2 version of its chip but is expected to be a Resizable BAR update only.

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