NVIDIA Shares More Details about Resizable BAR Feature

NVIDIA has announced that they will be implementing resizable base-address register (BAR) on select GeForce products as part of their CES 2021 announcements. Resizable BAR allows the CPU to access the entire video memory pool of the graphics card as one whole block versus the traditional smaller 256MB chunks used traditionally. This improves workloads particularly for 3D uses and should give really perceptible benefits.

AMD previously announced resizable BAR as their “Smart Access Memory” and was previously exclusive to Radeon 6000 cards. With today’s announcement, the RTX 3060 will be able to utilize Resizable BAR.

Motherboard support is required for this functionality. Motherboards for both AMD and Intel from the last generation should see announcements or have already implemented resizable BAR in their BIOS. NVIDIA announced the resizable BAR support will be able to for their RTX 30 cards for both desktop and notebooks as well as future products.


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