StockX Now Listing RTX 3080 Cards for Massive Resale Prices

September 17, 2020 marked the formal retail launch of the RTX 3080 which also opened the flood gates to one of the most intense shopping rush in the last decade for the PC industry. NVIDIA has created a craze behind the market of the RTX 3080 and it has worked sending people to viciously await the launch of the RTX 3080 in many online stores to get their hands on this sought-after product.

Unfortunately NVIDIA was hit massive demand and from the look of it from current store availability it looks like the volume is incredibly. Still, this scarcity isn’t evident at first but that didn’t stop people from reselling RTX  3080 cards.

Many stories have come out today that tells the tale of bots being use to allow some people to buy up to 40+ units of the RTX 3080 from the NVIDIA store. The story goes on that many of these users were using script bots to from paid groups to access these tools. This is turn has led other crafty individuals to create bots that inflate bids on Ebay for these cards, thus making the cards impossible to sell.

Well looks like the sellers have met their new friend with StockX, a sneaker, streetwear and fashion reseller app which allows users to buy and sell items thru the platform. StockX is famously known within sneakerhead and hypebeast circles. I personally buy from StockX anything from new Jordans at retail all the way to limited collabs.

It is that attachment to limited releases and its robust system that made StockX a destination for these resellers and with five SKUs currently listed including the highly coveted NVIDIA RTX 3080 Founders Edition currently listed for $1900 with bids up to $1251 as of this writing.

There are currently no sales made as of yet of RTX 3080 cards through StockX.

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