US Government in Talks with Intel to Build Processor Factories in US Soil

With China being home to a large number of semiconductor manufacturing, the United States is now close to finalizing a plan to reach a self-sufficient semicon state. US companies, one of the most noteworthy is Intel, were called to consider manufacturing high-technology products securely in facilities found in US soil so that the US market will face no disruption when international supply chains are hindered by situations like the COVID19 pandemic.

This is described by some as a de-globalization strategy. Excerpts from communications between Intel CEO Bob Swan and the US Department of Defense in April 28 was published¬† by Wall Stree Journal, where Swan is quoted in saying that exploring a commercial chip foundry on US soil was “in the best interest of the United States and of Intel.” The last chip maker that attempted US-made chips was AMD, by tapping GlobalFoundries Upstate New York-based 14nm FinFET nodes to fab its 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen CPUs. AMD then sought out TSMC as a GlobalFoundries gave up its 7nm transition plan, forcing AMD to modify its wafer supply agreement. AMD now makes older-gen Picasso, Polaris3 30 and I/O dies for the new Ryzen and Epyc chips there.

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