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Going the “gaming” route for the current X299 platform is a risky decision but GIGABYTE has placed all their faith in just that releasing all their X299 products under the AORUS GAMING series. Today we take a look at the decked-out GIGABYTE X299 AORUS GAMING 9 motherboard, the flagship of GIGABYTE’s X299 product line. It’s a tough call, but from a functionality standpoint, GIGABYTE does get a lot of things right even if the motherboard does drown in a ton of RGB lights. Read on to find out more about this motherboard in this #B2G review!

First out the gates of our Intel X299 motherboard reviews, we have the flagship mainline series from ASUS’ PRIME lineup of motherboards: the PRIME X299-DELUXE. Featuring on-board 802.11ad WIFI, flashy RGB via ASUS AURA and great build quality as well as design the company is known for, the motherboard hits all the right marks as the perfect foundation for most reasonable HEDT system builders. Read on and find out more why the ASUS PRIME X299-DELUXE gets GOLD in this #B2G review! #DayOneIsh #Intel