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Smile Down the Runway

After watching this series, I think I am more appreciative of my mom who is a seamstress.

Smile Down the Runway (Runway de Waratte) is a series focusing on the fashion industry, full of behind-the-scenes drama. The series focuses on people who have their own drives, doing all they can do despite all odds.

Released as a manga in 2017, the series has concluded its broadcast as part of the Winter 2020 anime season.


Despite all odds

Let’s talk about the first two protagonists – high schoolers Ikuto and Chiyuki. Ikuto is an aspiring, self-taught fashion designer who is his family’s breadwinner, and Chiyuki is a model with high dreams of working in Paris’ fashion events despite her height.

As Chiyuki opens the possibilities for Ikuto who is holding back due to his financial capabilities, we are introduced to model Kokoro who wants to be a fashion designer and the self-proclaimed narcissist Toh who wants to surpass his top fashion designer guardian.

What makes “Smile Down the runway” a must-watch series?

The scenes in the series really resemble the telenovela I see on TV, but since we are talking about an anime adaptation, I will have my anime bias up and choose this. No, it’s a mistake to compare this and the telenovelas I see on TV.

You can mistake Chiyuki as the main protagonist as she is the first to be shown in the series.

Then comes the switcheroo, where Ikuto is put on the spotlight, and we’re actually watching a shonen series.

This is amazing. I stereotypically thought that all shonen anime is more of action and sports, but this is a welcoming development. You’ll see throughout the course of the series why this is referred to as a shonen title.

Also observe the series’ soundtrack, as the insert tracks are made to fit with the setting, so much that it syncs well in it.

If you are a dressmaker, a crafter, a cosplayer and the like, you can find inspiration in “Smile Down the Runway.” I recommend this passionate series.

You can catch up with Smile Down the Runway in full on Muse Asia’s YouTube channel (for Southeast Asia).

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